Where in Europe can you experience one of the best spring rafting trips?

Get ready for world-class rafting - in Norway!

Every spring, the river Numedalslågen in Dagali, Norway, wakes up to a new rafting season. After being frozen for several months, it will soon be visited by adventurers not only from Norway, but from all over the world. The river is suitable for all. Rafting Center Dagali Fjellpark runs over 3 different sections on the river, and welcomes families, groups who want to experience a good, fun adventure, and of course those who want the Full On extreme experience.

Little Zambezi – the best spring rafting in Europe

The Zambezi is world famous in the rafting community. Many travel from around the world to Africa to experience its powerful waves. But you do not need to travel that far. Around mid June, something special takes place in the Numedalslågen in Norway. The snow has nearly all gone and the river is at its highest flow.

The rivers in Central Europe usually offer 1.5 m high waves. Such high waves are large and powerful and you really feel it when you sit in the boat. You get them right up to eye level as you are sitting in the raft.

When the Numedalslågen is at its highest, we can experience three metre high waves. The water level can be up to 300 cubic metres per second. It’s not quite the 7000 cubic metres per second of the Zambezi, but the style of the Numedalslågen in high flow is why its sometimes called the Little Zambezi. And it is the best spring rafting in Europe.

Best spring rafting in Europe - Dagali Fjellpark, Norway.

Spring rafting, the river Numedalslågen in Dagali, Norway. (foto: Dagali Fjellpark)

Is rafting safe?

Safety is paramount and after 10 years experience in running this river we know it very well and will know how to best cator for your group.

At Dagali Fjellpark you can choose from 3 trip types.

The Family trip is suitable for all from age 8 and up. We focus on fun and safety to make this an enjoyable memorable experience for you.

Classic rafting includes more challenging whitewater and is suitable from ages 12 and up. This trip is great fun both for first time rafters and people who have rafted before.

The Full On is our most challenging trip that runs down the biggest whitewater rapids on the river.

Spring rafting Numedalslågen - school trip

School trip, the river Numedalslågen in Dagali, Norway, 5/2021. (foto: Dagali Fjellpark)

Enjoy the best rafting in Norway

Bachelor party Full On! The best spring rafting in Europe. (foto: Dagali Fjellpark)

Is it cold?

It is a river that flows down from the mountains, so we wouldn’t call it tropical. But when the river guides compare the experience with other similar rivers, for example Sjoa, they always say that the water is not so cold as Sjoa. The Numedal gate does not start like a glacier.

In addition, we make sure to do our best for you as a customer. 6 mm thick neoprene wetsuits and 5 mm boots are included. They help you keep much warmer than the usual 3 mm wetsuits. Enjoy the best spring rafting in Europe!

Bente S
Great fun for the whole family
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Familyrafting were great fun for the whole family. Skilled and fun instructors made this a day to remember:)
Really felt warmly welcomed
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What a weekend! Two days of rafting with wonderfully nice and good guides. Accommodation in a beautiful new lavvo. Can really be recommended. So nice people working here. Good atmosphere, everyone was so nice and nice. Really felt warmly welcomed.
Monica S
Fantastic memories
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Rafting and Canoying - Thank you very much for fantastic experiences and memories of skilled instructors at Dagali Fjellpark. We felt safe and taken care of, and were challenged at our level both in canoying and rafting. We are very happy and cheer on all the skilled instructors at Dagali Fjellpark!!!
Monica H
Can be recommended to everyone!
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Fantastic rafting experience! Can be safely recommended to everyone! Skilled, safe, efficient guides, no waiting, good food.
Joffre J
Focus on people with no experience
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Excellent rafting experience. Excellent attention and focus on people with no experience at all. Nice trip even with no good weather.
Anne-Mette R
Sexy ass gorillas
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Great place. Highly recommended. Cool guides and an experience of a lifetime! Rajip Tripathi is a guide over all guides here!
Trond Fredrik
See you all in May, or sooner…
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A propper experience! Skilled guides. Dominica, Vojtech and Andrè, you guys are great! Great fun river. Nice facilities. Highly recommended! See you all in May, or sooner…

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