„Go rafting in Norway with river cowboys from Dagali Fjellpark.”

Your ultimate rafting in Norway's wilderness


The Numedalslågen River in Dagali is perfect for whitewater rafting. It can be powerful or calm, but it is always safe both for family and classic rafting, and extreme adventure.


Just below Hardangervidda National Park: wild nature and high mountains all around. You do not meet a city, not even a village, not a highway next to the river. Location in wildness makes the logistics easy and the adventure pure.


You get an easy-to-follow Safety Talk before you go rafting. Each raft has its own guide throughout the whole trip. All the rafting guides have international certificates, and they always have at least 5 years experience on a river of the equal grade.


The 6-mm thick wetsuit will keep you warm and safe when moving in the river. Our guides love the river. And they love to do serious fun rafting. Then a snack while the photos are being prepared. What a perfect day!

Professional rafting center Dagali Fjellpark

Remember the thrilling rafting in Norway for lifetime

„For several reasons, we can dare to say that white water rafting on the Numedalslågen River in Dagali is definitely among the best rafting experiences in Norway.“

The river is not cold

The water doesn't come from a glacier. It is warm in relation to some other rivers used for rafting in Norway.

Always a safe river

The river bed is various. It alternates regularly between wild rapids and slow-moving pools. Feel the adrenalin in wild water, then slow down, check the crew, breath normaly and continue.

Wave surfing

Under normal and higher flows you can surf with the raft on the waves. The river flows incredibly fast! But the raft stops completely. How is it possible?

Fluctuating water flows

Even at the highest and lowest flows, the guides know how to find safe streams for all the types of trips.

June - July
flow 150 - 300 m³/s
flow 5 - 50 m³/s
flow 100 - 120 m³/s

The largest commercially rafted rapid in Europe

At the Numedalslågen River you can shoot the Ismarfoss Rapid. It's not a waterfall. It is a huge, long cascade, the biggist one on commercial rafting trips in Europe. Lose 6 meters vertically on only 100 meters of the river!

Little Zambezi

Certainty the best rafting in Norway! A few weeks in June, only on Numedalslågen in Dagali.

Our best selling trips

„Throughout the whole summer, we can arrange rafting trips of 3 difficulties. No matter the amount or the speed of the water, it is always a safe adrenaline outdoor experience for the lifetime.“

Family Rafting

from 8 years / 120 cm

Greatest satisfaction

Your kids will be infinitely proud of themselves.

Inspire your children

Open the door to the new world for them.

Classic Rafting

from 12 years / 140 cm

Stimulating relaxation

Let the water takes away the everyday life. Become a part of the phenomenal nature energy.

Nothing is impossible for you

Even a wild river can be safely rafted with a good equipment and experienced local guides.

FULL ON Rafting

from 15 years

River cowboys

It's probably better not to show much photos at home in advance ...

Exclusive world-class adventure

Little Zambezi, 3-m high waves, flow 300 m³/s, the Ismarfoss Rapid. This is the best rafting in Norway.

We can easy combine your classic and family rafting

Adequate adrenaline guaranteed

„See the Angels Pathway Rapid story: One raft with mainly children, one raft with adults. The raft with kids takes the rapid from the right. The second raft goes in the middle. What happens?“

25.5. - 10.10.

only for swimmers

15 minutes base-river

~ 90 minutes rafting

~ 8 km rafting

hot shower




„Let's take a look, how to set up the exclusive budget for your group of more than 10 persons.“
„Every morning I check the river flow and the water level. According that, I decide sections for the trips. Your safety is my responsibility. I fully respect the river.“
„Summer 2020, I ran the river fifty times with clients on rafts. There are several fun rapids. I fell in love with one of it. It’s name is Ismarfoss. You can be so creative, there are so many ways to go down!“
„The Numedalslågen River is amazing! Huge adventure throughout the whole season! You meet many rapids, there is beautiful landscape around. It is rafting in Norway's River Paradise!“
„Rafting is me. In winter I train in Nepal, in summer on rivers all around the world. Even if I make fun on the raft, I always go to the river with full concentration. We're not fish, are we?“


Get ready for rafting in Norway's wilderness!

What to bring?

Towel, shower gel, swimming suit to have under the neoprene, thermal/woolen underwear and socks for colder days.

Safety - No Risk!

Read the safety rules and routines. Go rafting in Norway's wilderness well prepared!

Where to meet?

Dagali Fjellpark, Perstulvegen 100, 3588 Dagali, Norway


We create a safe zone. The infection control plan is based on: Good hygiene, reduced contact between people, sick persons must be in isolation.

In case of rain?

Be happy! You don't have to watch the weather forecast. You will be wet anyway!

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Guess, what a refting center can be proud of?​

Hmm, this is good, especially in the summer, when it is hot. Everyone is happy not to drive any further with the bus, dressed in wetsuit.

But NO!

There is always a transfer. The river can not be rafted in a circle…

Heureka! Quality certified wetsuits are important, not only in terms of hygiene! The thermal comfort on the river is the key, but not the only one. Think safety. 6 mm thick neoprene will not only keep you warm, it offers also protection when you fall.

We love our neoprene wetsuits!

We offer 3 thicknesses: 3, 5 and 6 mm. Every year we buy several new, certified wetsuits.


In-raft guides are trained to take you safely down the river.

The overall risk level on a rafting trip using proper precautions and the right equipment is low. Thousands of people safely enjoy rafting trips every year.

You borrow certified neoprene wetsuits, helmet, life jacket, neoprene shoes, and jacket and gloves when it is cold.

We offer 3 thicknesses of neoprenes: 3, 5 and 6 mm. 

We use modern, high quality river rafting equipment that we inspect thoroughly before each trip.

Yes. Nothing in the world is more likely. Next question?

Yes. But the water that flows into the neoprene flows out again. It is therefore safer than dry neoprene. 

No, you will be 90 minutes offline.

Don’t worry, our photographer takes pictures. At the end of the trip, you can buy all the photos. It costs 250 kr. You get them on a USB flash drive.

We will be sorry, but a problem it is not. The bus is waiting at pre-arranged hidden places. The rest of the trip it is possible to use the bus and meet the group at the end of the trip.

It is better to wear contact lenses for rafting. But we can also handle glasses (fasten them with tape).

Important medicaments, for example for asthma and diabetes, are gathered by the guide at the beginning of the trip, placed in a waterproof first aid kit, which is in the raft.

Yes. The guide is responsible for the raft on the river. The guide is throughout the whole trip on the raft. 1 guide per 1 raft.

Family – everybody get paddles. You can use them, but it is not needed.

Classic – everybody get paddles. You should use them, but it is not needed.

FULL ON – everybody get paddles. Paddle or swim!

The participants of the trip sign that:

  • they have been acquainted with the safety rules
  • the trip is on their own risk
  • they will always listen to the guide
  • that photos and video from the trip can be used by Dagali Fjellpark for promotion.

No, and it is not even necessary. Rafting in Norway, it is an adventure in drinkable river water!

Participation in the activities is not allowed for person who:

  • can not swim
  • is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants
  • is pregnant
  • is outside age / height / weight requirements
  • have heart / lung problem
  • have back / neck problems
  • have other serious injuries or disorders.

And generally a person who can not paddle (eg with a broken arm).

Yes, under pre-established security and administrative conditions, it is not a problem to arrange a trip for the deaf, blind or mentally handicapped.

Look at the different types of trips. There you will find more details.