Snowkiting group lessons on Hardangervidda, Norway

Norway / Hardangervidda / Haugastøl / Ustaoset / Geilo / Fagerheim

Do you really want to learn snowkiting? Then the focus needs to be on:

Snowkite Hardangervidda Geilo
snowkite Hardangervidda best snowkite
Snowkite Hardangervidda Dagali Fjellpark. Hardangervidda Snowkiting Group Lessons Norway

1 day = 4 - 6 hours

Depending on what do you wish and how you are trained.

Focus on you

This is a snowkite course with only up to 4 students per instructor.

Get the best price

We can offer you a better price when you book for a small group.

Beginners - safety first

We always try to give you your own kite as soon as possible, based on your safety, the weather (wind strength, visibility, etc.) and the character of the group. Start 4 students sharing 1 kite, end each with your own.

Advanced - the kite is only yours

When you can safely control the kite, you get your own one. Then there is 1 instructor per 4 snowkiters and 4 kites. Do you want to learn snowkiting? Then you need to have the possibility to train!

Small groups

Snowkiting is about the ultimate freedom in endless space! We organize lessons only for small groups, maximum of 3 instructors and 12 snowkiters.

You are really going to kite!

We always guarantee maximum number of 4 snowkiters per 1 instructor

Snowkiting group lessons - prices

Prices (NOK)1-Day Group Lesson2-Days Group Lesson6-Days Group Lesson
When you order a group lesson for 1 person - price per 1 person230033006800
When you order a group lesson for 2 persons - price per 1 person210029006100
When you order a group lesson for 3 - 5 persons - price per 1 person190026005400
When you order a group lesson for 6 - 8 persons - price per 1 person170025005000
When you order a group lesson for 9 - 12 persons - price per 1 person160024004800

Prices (NOK) are for one person and the whole lesson. We always guarantee maximum 4 snowkiters per 1 instructor.

All the prices for snowkiting group lessons include full equipment rental (skis/snowboard, kite, harness, helmet with intercom).


When you order a 1-day group lesson for 1 person, the price is 2300 NOK. When you order a 1-day group lesson for 4 persons, the price is 1900 NOK per person (we have a little less administration with organizing this lesson, so we can offer you a better price).

Book your snowkiting group course

We will plan everything together

Plan the lesson

What snowkite Hardangervidda course are you interested in? How many of you will come? Which date suits you best?

Book the lesson

Book your kiteskiing lesson – ring (+47) 9809 8975 or write an e-mail to

Clarify the equipment

We will send you a form to fill in so that we can prepare the appropriate equipment for your lesson – we are interested in, regardless of social conventions, age, weight and shoe size of the participants.


We give you a call

2-3 days in advance, it can be said with 70% certainty, which place do we choose for snowkiting in Geilo surroundings. The time and place of the start of the course will be determined.

Experience a new world

Just whistling wind, you … and the snowkite! Giant lakes, gradual hills, lots of snow! No trees or wires wide far. Just the endless, frozen kingdom.

Choose the length of the snowkiting group lessons

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