Canyoning in Dagali near Geilo

Experience action in waterfalls in the heart of Norway

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Skilled guides

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Book your canyoning trip

Charah M.
13.7.2024 - "Lovely, encouraging, and hilarious"
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We had the best day canyoning—using waterfalls as slides and bombing into the water—with Rajeep and Sanu (apologies for almost certainly spelling your names wrong), they were lovely, encouraging, and hilarious, we felt very safe with you both! Thank you for a great day.
Matthias T.
12.7.2024 - "Absolutely wow!"
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Absolutely wow! We had an amazing time with the Dagali Fjellpark team. One day of canyoning, the next White Water Rafting - exciting action in an amazing nature setting. The guides are all super friendly, clear in their instructions and and funny. We recommend it very much!
Bendik R.O.
7.7.2024 - "Take safety seriously"
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We did the "juving", or cayoning, and had a great time. Thanks to the great guides who take safety seriously, we got home safe and very wet!
Tonje N.
20.8.2023 - "Best trip ever"
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Best trip ever:) We had a super nice adventure canyoning. The guides was explaining everything really well and we felt safe, even when things was a bit scary;)
Dirk Jan B.
18.8.2023 - "Very fun and safe"
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The canyoning trip was a great tour through the river. The guides had lots of experience and made the trip very fun and safe.
Cédric G.
18.8.2023 - "Accessible to a sporting public"
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Really fun canyoning, to do even with the family. Perfect supervision and well-followed security measures. Accessible to a sporting public. These are mainly abseiling on the back and jumping into pools of water. The water is cold but the wetsuits effectively protect against the cold.
Tilla B.
6.8.2023 - "Coming back next year"
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Family of four, two adults, two teens. Booked for juving in Nesbyen ...This isnt a warm activity, as the natural water is quite cold, but the equipmemt is excellent. We highly reccomend this route as a startingpoint for canyoning curious, it has some jumps thoug - And we are not big fans of those, but except from that this route is relatively simple, it is beautiful, and indeed very fun. The guides both are very good, and take safety very seriously. We are coming back for the longer route next year!
Hege H.
21.7.2023 - "I am super satisfied"
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I am super satisfied with Dagalia Fjellpark. I participated in canyoning and 2 different rafting trips. The instructors spoke understandable English, they were both fun and professional. The staff were service minded, and felt that I, as a visitor, was well taken care of. ... I recommend this place, and I will most likely come back both winter and summer!
Virginie V.
19.7.2023 - "9 degrees but it was not cold"
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Started with a very small heart, especially because it was barely 9 degrees outside. But actually we didn't have a cold! Very fun exciting activity! Thanks to our guide!
Anja W.
17.7.2023 - "super friendly, funny and professionell"
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A great experience, I can fully recommend. I did canyoning and rafting. The whole team there was super friendly, funny and professionell. The hotdogs and salat afterwards were perfect and the guy who took the fotos has a real talent in catching very good moments. I would definitely do it again if I am in the area. Thanks!!!

The outfit keeps you warm

You will stay warm in the 5,5 mm neoprene + fleece inside. If you want to feel extra warm, take also thermal/woolen underwear (both leggings and T-shirt) and thermal/woolen socks.

It will be fun!

You get an easy-to-follow safety talk before you go. You are provided with helmet, wetsuit and harness. Our guides are with you all the time. And they will help you.

Make your holidays epic with the perfect mix of excitement

We look forward to welcoming you!

Canyoning Prices & Schedule

Price (NOK)
Canyoning in Uvdal1210
Full On Canyoning in Uvdal1430
SeasonFull On Canyoning /OR/ Canyoning
7.6. - 20.6.2024Fri. + Sat. + Sun.
9:30 + 14:30
21.6. - 18.8.2024Every day
9:30 + 14:30
19.8. - 1.9.2024Fri. + Sat. + Sun.
9:30 + 14:30

Details about the canyoning tours

TourLength in the riverDescent in the riverDurationParticipants
Canyoning in Uvdal1,2 km145 m2 - 5 hoursfrom 14 years
Full On Canyoning in Uvdal1,5 km180 m3 - 6 hoursfrom 16 years

The guides will take care of you

GuideCourses, educationProfessional experienceFirst Aid
John Alasdair Pinkerton– Whitewater Rescue Technician Advanced (WRTA), Rescue 3 International
– Scottish Rafting Association (SRA) Level 4 Raft Guide Trainer, 2020
– UK Canyon Guide (UKCG) Canyon Leader, 2016
– BA Hons in Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism, University of Derby, Buxton, 2009 – 2013
Guiding Experience since 2008 – 7 seasons in Norway, 2 seasons in India, many years in Scotland, 3 years raft racing around UK.Outdoor Pursuits 2 day first aid, Scotland, 2019
Vojtech Hejtmanek– Whitewater Leader and Whitewater Rescue Technician, Charles university in Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, by Phdr. Petr Novotný Ph.D. IRF instructor
– RESCUE 3 WRT – Whitewater Rescue Technician
– Numedalslågen, Dagali, Norway (since 2010)
– Dagali Fjellpark (since 2014)
– Intensive kayaking experience around the world (since 2005)
– The co-autohor and cameraman of Kayaking Simple and Safe (Instructional DVD for kayakers)
– Norsk Grunnkurs i Forstehjelp – The Norwegian Red Cross – first aid course
– RESCUE 3 WRT – Whitewater Rescue Technician
Ondra Vozabal– Water Tourism Instructor, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 2012– CK CVOK – rafting travel agency, 2012 – 2019, Austria, Swiss, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Montenegro
– Rafting and Canyoning Guide, Numedalslagen since 2020
– Czech Red Cross – Paramedic Recovery Actions
Rajip Tripathi– Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT), Rescue 3 International, 2022
– International Rafting Federation (IRF) Level 5 Raft Guide Trip Leader, 2017
– Raft Guide, N.A.T.H.M., 2009
– Raft Guide, Adrenaline Rush, 2010 – 2012.
– T.L. Raft Guide and Canyon Guide, Paddle Nepal, 2013 – 2016
– Japan – 2016
– Iceland – 2017
– Guiding on Numedalslagen since 2018
– W.F.A.R. (80 hours), Initiative outdoor, 2020
– W.F.A. (16 hours), Redcross (2014-207)
Bharat Gurung– Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT), Rescue 3 International, 2020
– Raft Guide, N.A.T.H.M., 2013
– Guiding since 2011
– T.L Raft Guide, Paddle Nepal, 2012 – 2017)
– Japan – 2017
– Guiding on Numedalslagen since 2018
– Wilderness First Aid, 24-hour, Initiative Outdoor, 2020
Sanu Gurung– Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT), Rescue 3 International, 2019
– Raft Guide, N.A.T.H.M., 2017
– International Rafting Federation (IRF), Raft Guide Trip Leader, 2015
– Guiding since 2005
– India – 2005, 2006
– Turkey – 2011
– Guiding on Numedalslagen since 2021
– Wilderness First Aid, 24-hour, Initiative Outdoor, 2020
Jeevan Gurung– Rafting Guide, Achieved grade ‘A’, Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (2012)
– River Guide Training Programme 2018, Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA), River Guide Instructor
– IRF Guide Training and Education, International Rafting Federation, Safety Kayaker – Level 4, Raft Trip Leader – Level 4 (2021)
– Professional Rafting Guide, Safety Kayaker, Kayak Instructor, Canyoning Guide (since 2009)
– River Guide and Translator in a UNDP project, Ganges River Dolphin Conservation Center (2014)
– Professional Rafting Guide and Safety Kayaker, BIGSMILE, Japan (2016 – 2018)
– Dagali (since 2021)
– Whitewater Rescue Technician, Rescue 3 International (2019)
– Wilderness First Responder, Solo,
Wilderness Emergency Medicine (2019)
  • Please listen what your guide has to say during the Safety Talk before canyoning. Make sure that you have understood what has been said.
  • Ask if anything is unclear.
  • You get a helmet, wetsuit, harness and river shoes. All equipment needs to be worn during the entire activity.
  • You must have swimwear under the wetsuit. Thermal clothing under the wetsuit should be adapted for weather conditions.
  • The harness must be fastened during the entire activity. If you are unsure whether the harness fits correctly, contact the guide immediately for an inspection.
  • Your guide is on the trip to help you and get you through the canyon safely. Following his/her instructions will make your trip the best it can be.
  • Walk slowly.
  • All participants has to sign the self-declaration before the trip.
  • People influenced by alcohol or drugs can not participate on the trip.

Who is canyoning for?


Canyoning is only for swimmers.

Adventure hunters

Canyoning in Norway is a challenge! It is a physically demanding outdoor activity.

Recreational athletes

The canyoning tours are not for pregnant women, people influenced by alcohol or other drugs, or those who have heart / lung / back / neck problems, or other serious injuries or disorders.

Weight up to 120 kg

The load capacity of the harnesses is designed for people with weigh up to 120 kg.

Good to know about canyoning with Dagali Fjellpark

Yes, at your own risk you can bring a waterproof camera, we will fasten it to you somewhere.

Yes. If needed, our female or male guide may assist your child with the gear changing in changing room.

Don’t worry, our guides takes pictures. At the end of the trip, you can buy the photos. You get them all on a USB flash drive, which costs 250 kr.

The canyoning trip participants sign that:

  • they have been acquainted with the safety rules
  • the trip is on their own risk
  • they will always listen to the guide
  • that photos and video from the trip may be used by Dagali Fjellpark for promotion.

No, and it is not even necessary. Canyoning in Norway, it is an adventure in drinkable river water!

No, you will be offline.