100+ Best pictures from Dagali Fjellpark

Thank you for the amazing summer adventure memories

“I was so proud of my children!”

“Six big smiles on the raft. Fun, fun, fun!”

“The feeling was amazing! I was just… wow…”

“I need to do this once more!”

“First I was not able to see down, but finally I did it!”

“Experience the brand new activity in Nesbyen!”

“Great action on three wheels!”

“I was wet and dry at the same time. It was OK.”

Accommodation & Facilities

Capacity for up to 2 * 6 people.

Capacity for up to 2 * 4 people.

Capacity for up to 26 people.

Hot tub & Sauna & Grill

Capacity for up to 30 persons.

Winter outdoor adventure activities

Lift-based sledding - action on the toboggan run.

Family friendly, safe and perfectly groomed slopes.

Unique action "Après-ski" with headlights!

They call it here a snowkiter's paradise!

Solve the equipment challenge!

Become an insider in the hidden nature of Norway

(+47) 906 22 675

Our booking phone is available from 9:00 to 17:00.

About Dagali Fjellpark

“Smile, lets get a nice picture for the website.”

“You will find us in Hallingdal.”

Pictures from Dagali Fjellpark

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