Mountain Cart - Racing tricycles

Enjoy the action race on the slope

Dagali / Geilo / Norway

Now you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dagali ski center even in the summer – Mountain Cart goes up by the ski lift, and races down the specially prepared action racing slope. Mountain Cart is a cross between go-kart, bike and sled. It is a large tricycle with breaks on both rear wheels allowing the speed to be easily adjusted at any time.

Mountain Cart - Racing tricycles
Mountain Cart - Racing tricycles
Mountain Cart - Racing tricycles

Carting action on three wheels at Dagali Fjellpark

1 person per Cart

Min. age 12 years, min. height 150 cm, max. weight 100 kg, max. recommended age +/- 50 years.

1-hour ticket

The ticket covers up to 8 downhill rides: 570 m up with a ski lift, and 670 m down the Cart slope.

Safety equipment included

A full-face helmet and googles protect you during the ride. Rental and ski lift ticket are included.

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Take with you

Sturdy shoes


Perstulvegen 100, Dagali, Norway


1 minute from the Cart rental


Register at the reception 15 minutes before

SeasonMountain carts Geilo, Dagali Fjellpark
16.6. - 29.6.2023Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 14:00 - 18:00
30.6. - 20.8.2023Every day 14:00 - 18:00
21.8. - 17.9.2023Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 14:00 - 18:00

Your safety has the top priority

We will help you

The staff will help you to get on the ski lift. To get off is also easy - just lift a handle and drive.

The best equipment

The integral full-face helmet and googles provide protection during your ride.

Safety training

Our staff will explain the rules, show you how the carts work and provide you with the equipment.

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Mountain carts Geilo Dagali Fjellpark - The integral full-face helmet and googles provide protection during your ride.
Mountain Go-kart
  • The helmet, googles and sturdy shoes must be worn during the entire activity. 
  • Place your feet correctly on the steps. 
  • Brake safely and in a good time before obstacles.
  • Driving is allowed only on the designated track.
  • Activities on the ski lift, which involve danger to people and the ski lift equipment, are prohibited.
  • Behave so that you do not harm yourself or others. Coming from behind (from above) you are responsible for avoiding collisions.
  • You must ride in a controlled manner and adjust the speed according to skills, terrain, conditions and traffic.
  • If you overtake another Cart, you must provide sufficient space and do the overtaking safely.
  • Do not stop in the middle of the track. If you are forced to stop, go to the side immediately. Do not stop on narrow places, or on places where you will not be seen by Carts coming from behind you.
  • Follow signs, markings and directions.
  • In the case of injuries, it is your obligation to stop and help. Witnesses and persons involved are required to provide their personal data.

This will be your Mountain Cart race

Mountain Cart - Racing tricycles

570 m up with a ski lift

Up will you be easily transported with a ski lift. The exit station is located by the fifth pillar of the ski lift, in means about in the middle of its total length.

670 m down on a cart

Enjoy the three-wheel bike down the rough ground of the winter sled slope. You will drop almost 84 meters of altitude.

1-hour ticket ~ 8 rides

One ticket covers up to 8 downhill rides. Relax while being pulled uphill, be a racing driver downhill!

Mountain Cart is a fun sport device, a three-wheel environmentally friendly mountain “go-kart”, you can enjoy a unusual driving experience with. Your safety is our highest prioroty.

The driving stability is great due to the low center of gravity, wide wheels and the high quality aliminium frame. The Mountain Cart is equipped with two independently functioning drum brakes on the rear drive axle. This makes it easy for you to slow down at any time.

All-in-one adventure holiday - Multiply fun!

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The terrain adaptation for the Mountain Cart Geilo Dagali Fjellpark har been financially supported by Hol municitality. Thank you.