The best cross country skiing in Norway

Dagalifjell, Hardangervidda

Near Geilo / Dagali Ski Center

Groomed trails

Backcountry xc skiing

The best cross country skiing in Norway. Ski woman taking a break on the mountain in the sunset-Christoffer Sandmark - Visit Norway
Christoffer Sandmark - Visit Norway
Close-up of cross-country skis standing in a track - Christoffer Sandmark - Visit Norway
Christoffer Sandmark - Visit Norway
Cross-country skiing Geilo
Dagali Fjellpark

Ski out cabin for groups

With ski rental, right on the cross-country trail

You can start your cross-country skiing trip from Dagali Fjellpark ski center. Take the ski lift and be quickly up in the mountains. The extensive network of ski tracks with the stunning views makes Dagalifjell one of the amazing areas for the best cross country skiing in Norway. award 2024

160 km of groomed ski trails

December - April

All the ski trails are well-groomed on weekends and daily during holidays.

Classic & skating

The impressive network of trails is groomed for skating as well as classic skiing.

Yet not discovered

Explore the hidden gem of Dagalifjell, a beloved retreat enjoyed only by local community.

Check the current cross country ski trails conditions on Dagalifjell mountains offer fantastic opportunities for cross-country skiing. You will find easy family tracks in relatively flat terrains, but also uphills challenging even for experienced cross country skiers who enjoy longer day tours in beautiful, wild landscapes. This can be your best cross country skiing in Norway. Some of the trails at Dagalifjell mountain plateau offer magnificent views. The 160 km long network of cross-country trails located around Dagali is maintained by Dagalifjell Løypelag and Dagali sti- og løypelag.

The ski lift at Dagali Fjellpark takes you up to the mountains

Price (NOK)Ski lift & cross-country skiing trails
Regular price66
Dagalifjellets Vel members0
Dagalifjell løypelag members0
Dagali sti- og løyelag members0
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The payment for the lift goes directly to Dagalifjellets Vel (Vipps number #713648). This supports the local comunities Dagalifjell Løypelag and Dagali sti- og løyelag, which take care of ski tracks in the Dagali area.

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Safety in the mountains

Have you planned a ski trip?

Inform others about the route.

Do you have all the necessary equipment?

Bring the necessary equipment for the cross-country skiing trip so you can help yourself and others. Bring always a first aid kit, a high-visibility vest or a headlamp, a map and a compass.

Respect the weather.

Modify the planned ski trip according to conditions. Always check the weather forecast and avalanche warnings. Dress appropriately.

Choose safe routes.

Stay out of avalanche terrain. Be aware of ice conditions when you cross-country ski on lakes and rivers.

Be prepared!

Even on short trips, be prepared: bring extra clothing for bad weather and frost, take extra food and drink.

Always know where you are.

Use a map and a compass. Electronic aids are helpful, but make sure it works well even in frost. Evaluate your route continuously. Turn around if it is too challenging.

For biginners - Torsetlia

The trail begins at Dagali Fjellpark and leads from Perstulhovda through the beautiful landscape all the way to Hovdesetre, Torsetlia, Fyritjønn and back to Perstultjønne and Dagali Fjellpark sled run and ski center.

Advanced - Torsetvatnet

This trail is ideal for true cross-country enthusiasts. Start as biginners, but at Torsetlia, cross the road and ski around the Torsetvatnet lake. At Vedahovda Øst ski to Vedahovda Nord. Then Kabelen, Fyritjønn and back to Perstultjønne and Dagali Fjellpark sled run and ski center.

Advanced - Sigridfjell

This trail provides the most beautiful views. Take the ski lift from Dagali Fjellpark, choose one of the two tracks to Storåstjønne and Syningan. Then a long hill up awaits you, ending below Sigridfjell. Enjoy the view and return to Dagali Fjellpark. You can go through Torsetlia and Hovdesetre, or via Fyritjønn and Perstultjønne.