Hot Tub Dagali Fjellpark

Are you looking for a nice place near Geilo, Uvdal or Hardangervidda, where you can relax in a wood fired hot tub? Ideally such a place where you can enjoy adrenaline activities in the beautiful surrounding nature, relax and stay with a group of friends? Welcome to Dagali Fjellpark!

Hot Tub Geilo, badestamp Geilo. En gruppe venner koser seg i en badestamp.
Bachelor party in Norway with Accommodation and activities

This is what you deserve, after your venture

You can relax in a wood fired hot tub at Dagali Fjellpark. To prepare your outdoor spa accordingly, we would like to know when you want to start bathing 24 hours in advance.

We are happy to prepare the hot tub for you. We change the water after each bath. We always wash the hot tub, clean it, and refill it with water so that you have everything completely clean and ready for you. Enjoy your natural spa in the wood-fired hot tub at Dagali Fjellpark near Geilo!

A hot tub is a big tub with hot water used for therapy, relaxation or pleasure. The hot tub at Dagali Fjellpark is a kind of hot tub where we heat the water with an element of nature – fire. The sound of crackling logs and the smell of fire is a part of the whole sensual and personal ritual.

Capacity up to 10 people

Order no later than 24 hours in advance

Enjoy your stay, make it special!

Ingredients for your perfect stay

Privat Party Lavvo

Camping in Dagali near Geilo, Uvdal, Hardangervidda, Norway. Cheap accommodation in Norway. Hot tub.

Capacity up to 30 people

There is a fireplace in the lavvo. Outside you can grill, there is a picnic area, and a hot tub.

Rent a big wooden tent for your party.

You can use electricity and lights. There is gravel on the ground.


Gas Grill

Capacity up to 6 - 8 people

Order no later than 12 hours in advance.

Rent a gas grill for your party!

Prices - Hot Tub and facilities

FACILITIESPrice (NOK)Description
Hot Tub (up to 10 persons)12004 hours
Sauna (1 - 4 persons)5002 hours
Sauna (5 - 8 persons)8002 hours
Privat Party lavvo (up to 30 persons)500evening rental
Wood bag11060 l
Gas Grill2002 hours

Enjoy your days in Dagali, make them special!

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Our booking phone is available from 9:00 to 17:00.

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