Canyoning in Norway

Experience action in waterfalls in the heart of Norway

Geilo / Hol / Uvdal / Nesbyen / Hardangervidda

Experience smooth natural slides
Enjoy the perfect slide! Water and stones have made the rocks smooth. And the good neoprene will protect you. Canyoning in Norway with Dagali Fjellpark is fun!
Plop into Giant's kettles
Giant's kettles were formed by gravel rotating in water, while a bedrock surface was covered by a glacier. Now you can plop into these unbelievable, secret basins, and swim.
Abseil fascinating waterfalls
There are five waterfalls in the canyon. A really vertical 15 m high waterfall is located just on the FULL ON tour. Other waterfalls, although perhaps 25 m high, have a more pleasant slope.
Renate W
Top service from the guides
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Incredibly fun experience. Canyoning is recommended! Ordered full on canyoning and was only me and cohabitant with two guides until we met the rest of the entourage further down. Incredibly fun experience and top service from the guides! Can be highly recommended. Had ordered lavvo to sleep over in, cozy lavvo and definitely a pleasant experience. Good home-cooked food and very nice staff who do the little extra to make you feel comfortable. We will be happy to return.
Anne-Mette R
Sexy ass gorillas
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Great place. Highly recommended. Cool guides and an experience of a lifetime! Rajip Tripathi is a guide over all guides here!
Next time it will be FULL ON!
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I participated in canyoning (classic) on July 6 2021, and it was a great experience! Thanks to our good and nice guide, it was a safe journey down the river. Will be happy to return - next time it will be FULL ON! Participated in rafting last year, and it was also great. And delicious with lunch included.
Well organized
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Very good experience, both rafting and canyoning was fun. Fantastic guides, amazing nature. Felt safe and well organized.
Thomas N
Our first time doing canyoning
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Had an awesome day with skilled guides and we were especially lucky with the weather. This were our first time doing canyoning (Juving) and we felt comfortable doing rappelling, sliding and jumping down the canyon... Although it tests your comfort level as it’s supposed to do. Thanks for a great adventure!
Monica S
Fantastic memories
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Rafting and Canoying - Thank you very much for fantastic experiences and memories of skilled instructors at Dagali Fjellpark. We felt safe and taken care of, and were challenged at our level both in canoying and rafting. We are very happy and cheer on all the skilled instructors at Dagali Fjellpark!!!
Anita M
Insanely fun with canyoning
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Insanely fun with canyoning! Skilled and friendly instructors made the day perfect. We jumped in waterfalls and sailed on rocks. Recommended!

Quality equipment will keep you warm and safe

Stay warm in the 5,5 mm neoprene + fleece inside! If you want to feel extra warm, take also thermal/woolen underwear (both leggings and T-shirt) and thermal/woolen socks.

safety first

buy all your photos

lunch included

25-minute shuttle

take a hot shower

Canyoning in Uvdal and Nesbyen

Experienced guides help you

You get an easy-to-follow safety talk before you go. You are provided with helmet, wetsuit and harness. Our guides are with you all the time.

All for your adventure!

Discover secluded nature areas unreachable without special equipment. Spectacular outdoor experience for active adventurers.



The trail is 1.200 m long. The descent is 145 m.

from 14 years

If you have a child who is younger than 14 years, please contact us. You do not need any previous abseiling experience.


The trip takes about 2 - 5 hours.

1.100 NOK

Equipment, guides, safety talk, lunch and transport to the ravine is included in the price.

Extreme FULL ON Canyoning

FULL ON Canyoning is special with rappelling a high mountain waterfall.


The trail is 1.500 m long. The descent is 180 m.

from 16 years

It is an advantage to have experience with abseiling.


The trip takes about 3 - 6 hours.

1.300 NOK

Equipment, guides, safety talk, lunch and transport to the ravine is included in the price.

Our guides will really take care of you

GuideCourses, educationProfessional experienceFirst Aid
John Alasdair Pinkerton– Whitewater Rescue Technician Advanced (WRTA), Rescue 3 International
– Scottish Rafting Association (SRA) Level 4 Raft Guide Trainer, 2020
– UK Canyon Guide (UKCG) Canyon Leader, 2016
– BA Hons in Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism, University of Derby, Buxton, 2009 – 2013
Guiding Experience since 2008 – 7 seasons in Norway, 2 seasons in India, many years in Scotland, 3 years raft racing around UK.Outdoor Pursuits 2 day first aid, Scotland, 2019
Vojtech Hejtmanek– Whitewater Leader and Whitewater Rescue Technician, Charles university in Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, by Phdr. Petr Novotný Ph.D. IRF instructor
– RESCUE 3 WRT – Whitewater Rescue Technician
– Numedalslågen, Dagali, Norway (since 2010)
– Dagali Fjellpark (since 2014)
– Intensive kayaking experience around the world (since 2005)
– The co-autohor and cameraman of Kayaking Simple and Safe (Instructional DVD for kayakers)
– Norsk Grunnkurs i Forstehjelp – The Norwegian Red Cross – first aid course
– RESCUE 3 WRT – Whitewater Rescue Technician
Ondra Vozabal– Water Tourism Instructor, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 2012– CK CVOK – rafting travel agency, 2012 – 2019, Austria, Swiss, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Montenegro
– Rafting and Canyoning Guide, Numedalslagen since 2020
– Czech Red Cross – Paramedic Recovery Actions
Rajip Tripathi– Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT), Rescue 3 International, 2022
– International Rafting Federation (IRF) Level 5 Raft Guide Trip Leader, 2017
– Raft Guide, N.A.T.H.M., 2009
– Raft Guide, Adrenaline Rush, 2010 – 2012.
– T.L. Raft Guide and Canyon Guide, Paddle Nepal, 2013 – 2016
– Japan – 2016
– Iceland – 2017
– Guiding on Numedalslagen since 2018
– W.F.A.R. (80 hours), Initiative outdoor, 2020
– W.F.A. (16 hours), Redcross (2014-207)
Bharat Gurung– Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT), Rescue 3 International, 2020
– Raft Guide, N.A.T.H.M., 2013
– Guiding since 2011
– T.L Raft Guide, Paddle Nepal, 2012 – 2017)
– Japan – 2017
– Guiding on Numedalslagen since 2018
– Wilderness First Aid, 24-hour, Initiative Outdoor, 2020
Sanu Gurung– Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT), Rescue 3 International, 2019
– Raft Guide, N.A.T.H.M., 2017
– International Rafting Federation (IRF), Raft Guide Trip Leader, 2015
– Guiding since 2005
– India – 2005, 2006
– Turkey – 2011
– Guiding on Numedalslagen since 2021
– Wilderness First Aid, 24-hour, Initiative Outdoor, 2020
Jeevan Gurung– Rafting Guide, Achieved grade ‘A’, Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (2012)
– River Guide Training Programme 2018, Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA), River Guide Instructor
– IRF Guide Training and Education, International Rafting Federation, Safety Kayaker – Level 4, Raft Trip Leader – Level 4 (2021)
– Professional Rafting Guide, Safety Kayaker, Kayak Instructor, Canyoning Guide (since 2009)
– River Guide and Translator in a UNDP project, Ganges River Dolphin Conservation Center (2014)
– Professional Rafting Guide and Safety Kayaker, BIGSMILE, Japan (2016 – 2018)
– Dagali (since 2021)
– Whitewater Rescue Technician, Rescue 3 International (2019)
– Wilderness First Responder, Solo,
Wilderness Emergency Medicine (2019)
Dominika Adamcova– Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT), Rescue 3 International, 2022
– Biomedical Technician, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, CVUT in Prague, Bachelor’s degree (2015 – 2019)
– Water tourism instructor (Dronte school)
– Canoe polo – Team captain 2018 and 2019
– Wild water – Extrem Devils Race (2018 4th place, 2nd place), Outdoortrophy with Czech Outdooor eXtrem Team (2019 1st place)
– Rafting guide, Numedalslågen (since 2020)
– Canyoning guide, Dagali Fjellpark (since 2020)
– Lifeguard course (Czech School Drowning Rescue)
– Whitewater First Aid Course, Zdrsem Vodák (2018)
Gavin Branter– Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT), Rescue 3 International, 2022
– UK Canyon Guide (UKCG) Canyon Leader, 2019
– International Rafting Federation (IRF), Raft Guide Level 4, 2017
– Guiding since 2015 – ACE Adventure and Vertical Descents, Scotland– Outdoor 2 Day First Aid, 2022
  • Please listen what your guide has to say during the Safety Talk before canyoning. Make sure that you have understood what has been said.
  • Ask if anything is unclear.
  • You get a helmet, wetsuit, harness and river shoes. All equipment needs to be worn during the entire activity.
  • You must have swimwear under the wetsuit. Thermal clothing under the wetsuit should be adapted for weather conditions.
  • The harness must be fastened during the entire activity. If you are unsure whether the harness fits correctly, contact the guide immediately for an inspection.
  • Your guide is on the trip to help you and get you through the canyon safely. Following his/her instructions will make your trip the best it can be.
  • Walk slowly.
  • All participants has to sign the self-declaration before the trip.
  • People influenced by alcohol or drugs can not participate on the trip.

Details about our canyoning tours

TourLength in the riverDescent in the riverDuration
Canyoning in Uvdal1,2 km145 m2 - 5 hours
Full On Canyoning in Uvdal1,5 km180 m3 - 6 hours
Canyoning in Nesbyen1,25 km83 m3 - 5 hours
Action in nature
Taste the absolute fusion with the natural elements.
Responsibility & Trust
Our canyoning guides will help you steb-by-step.
Excitement and joy!
Go canyoning in Norway! Feel the magic power of the present moment.
The best equipment
Quality equipment will keep you warm and safe.
Price (NOK)PriceParticipants
Canyoning in Uvdal1100from 14 years
Full On Canyoning in Uvdal1300from 16 years
Canyoning in Nesbyen1200from 14 years
ScheduleMeeting pointSpring: 26.5. - 15.6.2023Summer: 16.6. - 29.6.2023Summer: 30.6.- 20.8.2023Autumn: 21.8. - 10.9.2023
Canyoning in UvdalDagali FjellparkFri. + Sat. + Sun.
trips: 9:30 + 14:30
Every day
trips: 9:30 + 14:30
Every day
trips: 9:30 + 14:30
Fri. + Sat. + Sun.
trips: 9:30 + 14:30
Full On Canyoning in UvdalDagali FjellparkFri. + Sat. + Sun.
trips: 9:30 + 14:30
Every day
trips: 9:30 + 14:30
Every day
trips: 9:30 + 14:30
Fri. + Sat. + Sun.
trips: 9:30 + 14:30
Canyoning in NesbyenHallingdal museum, Nesbyenno tripsno tripsEvery day
trips: 13:00
Fri. + Sat. + Sun.
trips: 13:00

Do you want to ask about canyoning?

(+47) 906 22 675

Our booking phone is available from 9:00 to 17:00.

You get the answer as soon as possible.

All-in-one adventure holiday - Multiply fun!

The safety is crucial for us!

Safety talk

You get an easy-to-follow safety talk before you go canyoning.

We will help you

Our experienced guides will help you.

Quality equipment

Quality equipment will keep you warm and safe.

We follow strict safety routines!

Our guides are trained to guide you safely through the canyon.

Who is canyoning for?


Only for swimmers.

Adventure hunters

Canyoning in Norway is a challenge! It is a physically demanding outdoor activity.

Recreational athletes

The canyoning tours are not for pregnant women, people influenced by alcohol or other drugs, or those who have heart / lung / back / neck problems, or other serious injuries or disorders.

Weight up to 120 kg

The load capacity of the harnesses is designed for people with weigh up to 120 kg.

Canyoning Terms & Conditions

Good to know about canyoning with Dagali Fjellpark

Yes, at your own risk you can bring a waterproof camera, we will fasten it to you somewhere.

Yes. If needed, our female or male guide may assist your child with the gear changing in changing room.

Don’t worry, our guides takes pictures. At the end of the trip, you can buy the photos. You get them all on a USB flash drive, which costs 250 kr.

The canyoning trip participants sign that:

  • they have been acquainted with the safety rules
  • the trip is on their own risk
  • they will always listen to the guide
  • that photos and video from the trip may be used by Dagali Fjellpark for promotion.

No, and it is not even necessary. Canyoning in Norway, it is an adventure in drinkable river water!

No, you will be offline.