Canyoning In Norway's Wilderness

The Real Alpine Experience

Canyoning with Dagali Fjellpark offers all elements of the real alpine experience.

What is canyoning?

„Your way down into an another world!

Adventure sport

Canyoning, it is to overpower a canyon by walking, hiking, climbing, swimming, scrambling, jumping and rappeling.

Sport performance

Canyoning is a challenge, it is a physically demanding outdoor activity.

Real challenge

Can you really make it? To descend the rocky bed of once a wild river? To go where no one, except the water, goes?

Rope & Water & Rock

And you. In the Norwegian wilderness.

Push your comfort zone

This outdoor activity is not for everyone. Canyoning in Norway's wilderness is really thrilling!

Experience the hidden beauty

Discover forgotten nature areas unreachable without special equipment.

Complete mental relaxation

There is nothing else in the canyon, just you with a rope on your way down the wild natural stream.

Feel your power

Are you strong as a lion? Than you can make it! Are you not sure? Let's find it out!

What are you going to explore?

The Ølmøsåe Ravine

The name of the hidden gorge is Ølmøsåe. It is a stream that flows out of the Sønstevatn dam in Uvdal.


It will definitely tell you something new about you.

Another space-time

You will find yourself at a different time, in a different place. Maybe many thousands of years ago, or in the future?

Nature powers

You will charge energy from the natural elements that are able to move with rocks.

What will you experience on your canyoning tour?

See the map

Where does canyoning in Norway's wilderness take place?

Canyoning in Norway - adventure in Norway

4 m deep Giant's kettles

Giant's kettles were formed by gravel rotating in water, while a bedrock surface was covered by a glacier.

Canyoning in Norway with Dagali Fjellpark

5 Waterfalls

There are five waterfalls you are going to overcome on your canyoning tour. A really vertical 15 m high waterfall is located just on the FULL ON tour. Other waterfalls, although perhaps 25 m high, have a more pleasant slope.

Natural slides

Enjoy the perfect slide! Water and stones have made the rocks smooth. And neoprene will protect you.

Canyoning in Norway Hardangervidda / Summer Adventure In Norway


High jumps await you on your canyoning tour. Some are up to 7 m high. On the classic tour you will need to be able to jump 2 m.

canyoning tour Norway

Huge boulders

Wherever the stream flows, you will go. Over stones, among boulders, over rocks.

Our canyoning tours


1.200 m
5 hours
Descent - altitude meters

18.6. - 12.9.

Due to the water temperature, canyoning tours are organized only in summer.

14 years

Minimal age is 14 years. Children need to have parents signature.

1.100 NOK

Included in price: equipment, guide & safety talk, lunch and transport to the ravine.

About 5 hours

You will be on the canyoning tour for about 5 hours, although you can make it in 2 hours or wander for 10 hours.

Challenge yourself

Canyoning is always a challenge. Also this standard version of canyoning in Ølmøsåe.

FULL ON Canyoning

1.500 m
6 hours
Descent - altitude meters
Canyoning in Norway - adventure, experience

18.6. - 12.9.

Due to the water temperature, canyoning tours are organized only in summer.

18 years

Only for adults.

1.300 NOK

Included in price: equipment, guide & safety talk, lunch and transport to the ravine.

About 6 hours

You will be on the canyoning tour for about 6 hours, although you can make it in 2 hours or wander for 10 hours.

Challenge yourself

Be ready to challenge yourself physically and mentally for one of the best canyoning tours in Norway.

Book your canyoning tour

„Let's take a look, how to set up the budget for your group of more than 10 persons.“


Who is canyoning tour for?

Adventure hunters

Is nothing impossible for you? Come and try canyoning!

Age from 14 years / Adults

Classic tours are for sport enthusiasts from 14 years. FULL ON tour is for adults only.

Recreational athletes

Do you go on trips? Do you run around sometimes? Then you can make it.

Weight up to 120 kg

Canyoning is designed for people with weigh up to 120 kg. This is due to the load capacity of the harnesses.

Participation in canyoning is not allowed for:


Have a good breakfast

The descent through the canyon takes 5 - 6 hours, so be sure to have a good breakfast before that.

Check-in at Dagali Fjellpark

Meet at Perstulvegen 100, 3588 Dagali. Come 15 minutes before the start of the trip.

Follow the Safety Talk

You get an easy-to-follow Safety Talk before you go to the canyon. You are obliged to follow during the Safety Talk. Make sure that you have understood what has been covered and said. Ask if anything is unclear.

If you take medication

Important medicaments, for example for asthma and diabetes, are gathered by the guide at the beginning of the trip, placed in a waterproof first aid kit, which is taken with on the trip.

Get the safety equipment

You get helmet, life jacket, wetsuit and harness.

Get the right neoprene size

That's very important. The neoprene stretches a little in the water. If your neoprene was too big, a balloon full of water would create under it. This would pull you down. So a precisely fitting neoprene is very important for your safety.

Put on the wetsuit

Under the neoprene you will wear swimwear and woolen or technical underwear - both leggings and T-shirt. In the buss, you will sit just with the neoprene lower part on. It is definitely more pleasant to have the upper part of the body covered with a thermal shirt, not just the upper part of the swimsuit.

30 minutes by the bus to Ølmøsåe

Canyoning in Norway's wilderness


Get ready!

What to bring?

Towel, shower gel, swimming suit to have under the neoprene, thermal/woolen underwear and socks.


Read the safety rules and routines. Do canyoning in Norway's wilderness well prepared!

Where to meet?

Dagali Fjellpark, Perstulvegen 100, 3588 Dagali, Norway


We create a safe zone. The infection control plan is based on: Good hygiene, reduced contact between people, sick persons must be in isolation.

In case of rain?

Be happy! You don't have to watch the weather forecast. You will be wet anyway!

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What is the Safety Talk about?

Welcome to our base at Dagali Fjellpark


Dagali Fjellpark Café


Wilderness Lavvo


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COVID TILTAK DAGALI / Summer Adventure In Norway

You ask about canyoning in Norway's wilderness

Yes, at your own risk you can bring a waterproof camera, we will fasten it to you somewhere.

No, you will be 90 minutes offline.

Our photographer takes pictures. At the end of the trip, you can buy all the photos. It costs 250 kr. You get them on a USB flash drive.

The participants of the trip sign that:

  • they have been acquainted with the safety rules
  • the trip is on their own risk
  • they will always listen to the guide
  • that photos and video from the trip can be used by Dagali Fjellpark for promotion.

No, and it is not even necessary. Canyoning in Norway, it is an adventure in drinkable river water!