River rafting

Go rafting! It is right here, you can experience the best river trips!

beautiful nature

~ 8 km rafting

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Get immersed!

Wild, pure nature and gorgeous, endless landscape...

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The first rapid for classic rafting, good one for warming up.

The Devils Playground Rapids

These rapids are the first that we raft during classic river rafting trips. And they are the longest on the whole section.

The Conrads Rapid

Most people love this place. There is a nice nature slide with a wave at the end.

The Angels Pathway Rapid

This rapid offers more options for where to raft. We choose the best path based on the crew. We surf on waves under the rapid.

The Whale

This place is most appreciated by children. Here you can swim for a while if you want.

The Coctail Rapid

It is a natural slide with 6 big waves. Classic river rafting trips raft down this rapid only when the flow is low.

Classic river rafting

Whitewater Class 4 / 4+

Medium waves, maybe rocks, maybe a considerable drop, sharp maneuvers may be needed.

River cowboys

An experienced guide can keep the raft above the water in wild rapids. The adrenaline level is adapted to the crew.

Get a good grip!

The ride will be jumpy! Feel comfortable where you are sitting and get a good grip.

Every crew is unik

Every trip is unique. The trips are adapted to the crew.

Taste the absolute fusion with the natural elements

Have you ever tried canyoning?

Responsibility, quality and trust. Excitement and joy!