Family rafting

Enjoy great family white water rafting adventure!

15 minutes to the river

~ 8 km rafting

hot shower


pictures from the tour

Grab a paddle!

Experience the family teamwork on the wild river!

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The most popular trip

Relax down the nice parts of the river. For family white water rafting we choose the best section which is safe enough for the youngest however enjoyable for adults.

Adventure for 3 generations

The minimum age for family rafting is 8 years. The maximum age is not specified. Family rafting is a perfect opportunity to do something new together - children, parents, grandparents.

Rafting is real fun!

We train our guides not only to take you safely down the river but also to maximize your fun. No paddling experience is required.

Let the children paddle!

We give paddles to children so they can be active partners on the family river rafting tour as well. They can paddle if they want.

A standard Class 2 - 3

Family rafting is Whitewater Class 2 - 3, standard around the world.

Safety rule nr. 1: No Risk!

Safety is the highest priority. Guides never take risks. They make fun for you, but they are still alert and in charge.

A large rapid is not a barrier

If we meet a very large rapid during the trip, you can go around.

Your trip is special

The trips are planned according to the current state of the water flow on that day. Your trip will be special planned for your needs.

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