Canyoning is rappelling and sliding in hidden pools, rapids and river gorges.

About the purchase

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancel 7 days or more before appointment – it is refunded 100%.
  • Cancel less than 7 days before the appointment – it is refunded 0%.

If you can’t come, someone else can take over your order.

In all these cases:

  • cancellation of the trips due to hazardous weather conditions,
  • technical problems, which are caused at Dagali Fjellpark,
  • force majeure,

you can:


Taste the absolute fusion with the natural elements.

Excitement and joy!

On the canyoning tour, you can feel the magic power of the present moment.

Responsibility, quality and trust

Our canyoning guides will help you steb-by-step.

Leave your worries behind

At Dagali Fjellpark, we make your childhood dreams come true.

The best canyoning adventure in Norway

Get immersed by the wild, pure natural forces and the gorgeous, endless landscape

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Try extreme canyoning! Can you now feel the adrenaline?

Experience the real outdoor adventure and fun!