Wilderness Lavvo

Accommodation in Lavvo Premium

„We can recommend this to anyone who loves an adventurous experience in the nature!

Your romance in the wilderness lavvo

1500 NOK / lavvo / night

With breakfast, beds with duvets and sheets, towels and sauna.

Breakfast included

Breakfast is served in the café in the main building.

Capacity 4 persons

We have 2 lavvoes.

Sauna for 2 hours

Relax in sauna. You have it included.

How is the wilderness lavvo equipped?

4 beds

There is a double bed downstairs and 2 beds upstairs.


There are clean beds with duvets and sheets, towels.

Electricity & Light

It will be possible to charge your mobile.

Stylish Decoration

Carpets, furs... For you to feel relaxed.

Outdoor Charcoal Grill

The grill is free to use. Take your charcoal or buy it from us.

Common Room

There is a large "public" lavvo with a fireplace at the lavvo camp. Feel free to use it as a common room.

Food & Drinks


Toilets & Showers

These are located in the main building (80 meters from the lavvo camp).


In the café we serve food and drinks for the accommodated guests.


You will be on-line in the "common" lavvo.


There is a large parking near the lavvo camp.

Ingredients for your special stay

Bachelor party in Norway with Accommodation and activities

Hot Tub

Privat Party lavvo

Gas Grill

„I will book the accommodation in Lavvo Premium for you.“
„Let's have a look, how to set up the budget for your group.“

Building blocks of your wild experience

Book the wilderness lavvo

Accommodation, meals, facilities, activities

Pack your backpack

You do not need sleeping bag.

Come to us!

Dagali Fjellpark, Perstulvegen 100, 3588 Dagali


After 15:00

Carpe diem

Go into the wilderness, have fun with friends or lie in the hot tub all day long!


Before 11:00

Summer thrilling activities

„Tune the program to the top with our best in-house activities!


Rafting on the River Numedalslågen - it is the Nr. 1 rafting river in Norway.


Rappel, jump and slide down waterfalls!

Winter freezing activities

„Your Lavvo Premium will be right on modest slopes, enjoy it!


Try the longest sled run with a ski lift in the whole Norway!

Ski Center

Family-friendly ski center Dagali Fjellpark


„Book also thrilling rafting to your accommodation in Norway’s wilderness!

We offer 3 rafting trip levels

Family rafting

From 8 years (or 120 cm).

Classic Rafting

From 12 years (or 140 cm).

Ekstrem rafting FULL ON

For river cowboys from 15 years.