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Sledding in Dagali

Lift-based sledding - action on the toboggan run

Dagali Fjellpark

Effortless because of the lift

The ski lift will pull you up! No hard work, just exciting fun.

Whiz 1,850 m down!

The track is pretty long and consists of straight stages and many curves.

Feel the super speed

Enjoy our custom-built sled. Reach a speed up to 70 km/h!

Rent all you need

Local rental has it - sled, helmet and goggles. Rental is included in the price.

The longest groomed sled run with a lift in Norway

Looking for action and adventure on snow in Norway, near Geilo, Uvdal or Hardangervidda? Don’t worry. You have found it! Dagali Fjellpark presents you the longest groomed sled run with a ski lift in Norway.

Here is a quick guide through this page about the fun entertainment on the ski slope:

  • find out the basic information about sledding in Dagali
  • solve the mystery of evening entertainment near Geilo with evening sledding
  • learn about the special designed sleds on the sled run
  • invite your friends to the best party on snow
  • order your very unusual action “Après-ski”
  • read about safety on the sledge run.

Limited capacity

You can absolute enjoy your sledding. Maximally 30 - this is the highest number of sleds on the slope.

Short or no ski lift queue

The ski center is not visited by thousands of skiers. You have enough space for yourself.

The café is opened

You can warm you up in the café. We sell hot drinks and small snacks.

Fancy the breathtaking view

Enjoy the bird's-eye views of Hallingskarvet, Geilo and Hardangervidda.

Experience Fun & Action at the ski slope

The next paragraphs describe the basic information about sledding in Dagali. You are going to realize, that among the most important information, there is that the track is no sandbox for children. It is a strictly age-limited adrenaline adventure on snow (and sometimes also on ice). 

Once you decide to go sledding, you have to follow the safety rules. Concentrate during the quick safety briefing – the sled run will wait a while longer.

sled run Dagali, Geilo, Uvdal - akebakke i Norge - kjelkekjøring

Age limit 10 / 12 years

Sledding in Dagali is allowed from 12 years. Or 10 years, if the child is accompanied on the track by an adult.

Just 1 person on 1 sled

The sleds can go as fast as a car in the city. And we also don't drive with a kid sitting on lap...

Book instantly because of the limited capacity

300 NOK / 1 hour

Helmet, goggles (+ powerful headlamp for evening sledding) and ski pass are included in the rental price.

400 NOK / 2 hours

Helmet, goggles (+ powerful headlamp for evening sledding) and ski pass are included in the rental price.

Opening hours 2021 / 22

Remember to take with you

Warm winter clothes (the trousers should be waterproof). If you want to, you can bring your own goggles and helmet, but it is not necessary.


Perstulvegen 100, Dagali

Who are our visitors? Families with children, school and corporate groups, tourists in Norway and owners or visitors of the nearby cottages. They come from Geilo, Uvdal, Rødberg, Gol, Ål, but even from Nesbyen, Oslo and Bergen.

“Was it worth going 7 hours there and back for 2 hours on the sled run? Definitely YES!”

@tooormartin, 2021


“Whizing down the slope in the darkness with a powerful headlamp, that was something completely new.”

Exciting "Après-ski" between Geilo and Uvdal

Evening sledding in Dagali is an unforgettable evening excitement, because of the darkness and silence. The adventure is totally different.

Completely new adventure

It is amazing that you can end the perfect day, full of skiing in Geilo or Uvdal, with an another great event under the starry sky. Carpe diem!

This will be your ultra speed machine

How just to call this fun on snow correctly? Is it sled, sledge, sleigh or toboggan?

On the Grammarist can you immediately understand, that:

  • a sled (mostly an American and Canadian term) is a vehicle or toy used to slide downhill on ice or snow,

But NO! The sleds in Dagali are not a toy! And YES, you can slide downhill both on ice or snow, it depends on the snow conditions when you just go sledding.

  • a sledge is the British term, that fitts for a vehicle or toy used to slide downhill on ice or snow. And it can olso be a bigger vehicle with runners used to transport people over snow, often pulled by horses.
  • a toboggan is a narrow sled, usually made from a wood, the front of which curves up and backward.

But enough reading. This is not fun. It doesn’t matter how to call the action on snow! Let’s take a look at the special sleigh from Dagali.

Join the top challenging snow adventure

Steering wheel & Effective brakes

If the conditions allow it, you can reach speeds up to 70 km/h. It is important to always keep the sled under control.

Speed also on fresh snow

The new Snowcarts design, projected and tested right here while sledding in Dagali near Geilo, guarantees the perfect speed in all snow conditions.

Stable & Safe

Sledding in Dagali goes pretty fast and there are many curves. Our special sleds are wide and stable to prevent accidents.

Sustainable use of plastic

Only the necessary amount of plastic was used to make the sled. Plastic is thicker or thinner as needed.

Your best party with Speed & Snow

Schools  &  Company trips  &  Bachelor parties  &  Family celebrations

Now that you know, that you can enjoy fun both sledding and evening sledding on the toboggan run in Dagali, and that you can try the special sledges with a steering wheel and breaks, let’s take a look at what other program you can combine the sledding with.

The biggest fun on the sled run is namely with a whole gang of friends, colleagues or classmates.

To summerize, you can surprise your friends with a great event, an impressive party on snow, which contains both the sledding, accommodation in private apartment, cozy hot tub, sauna, grill and also nice meal.

Get a better price for groups

We have prepared special prices for groups (more than 10 persons - school trips, company events, bachelor parties, girls' parties, family celebrations). Contact us at


Bachelor party in Norway with Accommodation and activities

Meals for groups

Dagali Fjellpark Café

Unique action "Après-ski" between Geilo and Uvdal

No, this is not a massive party where you walk in high heels. This is an alcohol-free, challenging evening fun, after skiing on the slopes in Uvdal and Geilo, which you will remember for lifetime, because the speed and energy will get you.

The atmosphere of the new adventure on the ski slope, the collective consciousness that this is an exclusive entertainment beyond the reality, it boosts your afterparty in an unexpected way.

Arrange your impressive, surprising afterparty!

Sled run

The speed and the energy will get you.

Hot tub & Sauna

Boost your afterparty in an unexpected way.

Meals for groups

Rent the café private and satisfy all your guests.

Rent the sled run, café and hot tub private for the evening!

You can always order private sledding for more than 15 people besides the classic opening hours. Contact us at


(+47) 906 22 675

Our booking phone is available from 9:00 to 17:00.

Daily groomed sled run

When sledging in Dagali is over for the day, the snow groomer prepares and freshens up the slopes. For you to enjoy the best snow conditions the next day.

Excellent playground

Sledding in Dagali is perfect for older children and adults. It is speed, snow and super fun for the whole family.

Your safety is our highest priority

The sleds can reach speeds up to 70 km/h. It is great fun, but it also imposes a certain risk. We want to prevent any serious incidents.


Just thanks to your reviews is Dagali Fjellpark among the best 10% of businesses listed on Tripadvisor.


You are welcome to bring your own helmet and goggles, but it is not necessary. We have various sizes of helmets and goggles and their rental is included in the rental price. 

We strongly recommend you to book sledding in Dagali Fjellpark in advance. It can easily happen, especially on Saturdays and during holidays, that we are fully booked and we do not have any sleds available for drop-ins. You can book the sleds online or you can contact us at 

Good mood and ideally a bunch of friends. The more the merrier. Apart from that, we recommend you to bring warm winter clothes. The trousers should be waterproof. If you want to, you can bring your own goggles and helmet but it is not necessary. We have various sizes of helmets and goggles and their rental is included in the rental price. 

We mainly offer sledding for 1 or 2 hours. If you want to rent our sleds for longer time, please contact us at