Ski school at Dagali Fjellpark

Ski school at Dagali Fjellpark is not only for kids from nearby cabins. Anyone who wants to learn to ski will be welcome.

Dagalli Fjellpark can offer good variety of slopes and safe area for beginners with nice set up for training and developing new skills.

Season 2020 - 21

We offer ski camp with Norwegian and English speaking instructors.

There is different range of groups:

  • from beginners up to advanced levels.


Ski school is open during the opening hours of the center.

We plan to open

December 26, 2020.

Opening hours:

through holidays daily, otherwise Friday - Sunday, 10:00 - 16:00.

If the snow allows it, the last opening day will be 18 April 2021.

Tony Winter23

ANTONIN MONDEK - ski instructor

Antonin has got an "Apul A ISIA Card” license and CTT certificate, that allowes him to teach skiing anyone at all levels, anywhere within the EU and all the ISIA member states (International Association of Ski Teachers). He likes to teach clients who want to learn to ski or improve their skills.

He has been teaching since 2008. He has experienced Austrian and French Alps, Andorra or for instance Argentina. And of course Norway.

Book the ski school

Get in touch with the ski instructor directly to book the lesson:

Tony Mondek

+47 468 55 904

Kids Ski camp at Dagali Fjellpark

Kids Ski camp is open during the opening hours of the center. The blocks start at 10:00 and 13:00.

Price list

 1 day2 days3 days
2 hours per day400,-750,-1050,-
4 hours per day700,-1350,-1950,-

Price list is for a group lesson (minimum 4 kids). In case there is not enough kids for opening a group lesson, alternative offer will be made.


Key information:

  • one group has maximum 8 kids, minimum 4 kids
  • minimum age for a group lesson is 4 years
  • we recommend to make the reservation at least 24 hours in advance.


All the blocks start and finish in front of Fjellpark Kro.

  • 9:50 meeting for the lessons - first block
  • 10:00 - 12:00 first block
  • 12:00 parents pick up their children


  • 12:50 meeting for the lessons - second block
  • 13:00  - 15:00 second block
  • 15:00 parents pick up their children.

Private ski lessons at Dagali Fjellpark

Private lessons can be arranged at any time during the opening hours of the center.

Private lessons are for everybody who wants to start with skiing or improve his own skills.

You can take your friend ski with you, but maximum is 4 people for one instructor.

We recommend to make the reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

Price list

Lessons1 day2 days3 days4 days5 daysExtra person
50 minutes*600,-950,-1250,-1500,-1700,-+ 300,-
100 minutes1050,-1400,-1750,-2150,-2550,-+ 350,-
200 minutes1550,-1950,-2550,-3200,-3800,-+ 400,-

*50 minuttes is possible only for children under 7 years.