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Family Friendly Ski Center in Dagali

Skiing & Lift-based Sledding

Dagali Fjellpark

Let yourself be Surprised & Pleased

There are definitely at least 180 different ski resorts in Norway, as you can read here in the list of Norwegian ski resorts. Dagali Fjellpark is one of the smaller resorts. But it is definitely worth a visit, because of the sled run and family friendly feeling.

The ski center in Dagali has only one, 1150 m long T-bar lift, and the elevation difference is 220 m. From the top of the hill you can choose one of the five slopes.

When there is a lot of snow, than the ski center takes advantage of the orientation to the north, and the season lasts a long time. However, if the snow does not fall so much, the season ends around Easter, because the ski center does not have snow cannons.

This pleasant alpine skiing destination in Norway has a long, at least thirty-year tradition in sledding. Here you can find the longest groomed sledge run with a lift in Norway.

Dagali Fjellpark is a family friendly ski center between Geilo and Uvdal. It is a safe playground for children.

Skiing & Snowboarding

In total, you can ski on 5,2 km of slopes, operated by a T-bar lift.

Fun & Action sledding

Enjoy the best fun on snow! The sled run is 1,85 km long.

Children’s area

Kids can practice on a gentle meadow, specially equipped with toys as a family friendly ski center.


Rent all you need of alpine, cross-country skiing and snowboarding equipment.

Get to know the ski center in Dagali

Daily groomed slopes

ski school at dagali fjellpark

The longest slope is 1,5 km

Choose from 5 slopes suitable for beginners and slightly advanced skiers. The elevation difference is 220 m.

T-bar lift

The 1150 m long lift takes you up to the Perstulhovda mountain. Once there, fancy the bird's-eye views of Hallingskarvet, Geilo and Hardangervidda.

Come and play for free in Children’s area

The 100 m long training meadow

This is the best place for the youngest children. The rope tow (baby lift) saves you a lot of energy!

Absolutely safe for your children

The children’s area is separate from the rest of the slopes, so it is absolutely safe even for the smallest children.

Funny bunny

Inspiring cheerful toys can help you to teach your kids to ski this season. Welcome to our family friendly ski center.

Children’s area - Free of charge

The very first ski lessons must be according to the mood, not according to the validity of ski pass. Therefore, the Children’s area is for free for you.

Lift-based sledding – action on the toboggan run

The longest groomed sled run with a lift in Norway

Effortless because of the lift

The ski lift will pull you up! No hard work, just exciting fun.

Steering wheel & Effective brakes

If the conditions allow it, you can reach speeds up to 70 km/h. It is important to always keep the sled under control.

Whiz 1,850 m down!

The track is pretty long and consists of straight stages and many curves.

Stable & Safe

Sledding in Dagali goes pretty fast and there are many curves. Our special sleds are wide and stable to prevent accidents.

Although we call Dagali Fjellpark as a family friendly ski center, mainly based on the 8 reasons, which you can read about below (see the paragraph “Is Dagali Fjellpark really a family friendly ski center?” later on the page), doesn’t it quite apply to sledding.

Tobogganing (or sledging, sledding) in Dagali is much more than just a play on snow.

The special designed sleds are really very fast, which is why we only allow to sled to children:

  • from 10 years, if an adult is sledding with them (Mind, for safety reasons, it is not possible for two people to sit on one sled. Everyone must have a sled.)
  • from 12 years, if children move on the track without current supervision of an adult person.

The sled run in Dagali is just for the concrete sleds, designed directly for this track. We know that they are safe, can be controlled and that their technical condition does not endanger you, other participants on the track. No other sleigh can stay on the toboggan run.

Read more about sledding in Dagali here.

Ski pass prices 2021/22

See the complete price list.

Half day ticket

320 NOK / Adults

240 NOK / Youth

0 NOK / Children up to 6 years

Day ticket

380 NOK / Adults

290 NOK / Youth

0 NOK / Children up to 6 years

Season ticket

3250 NOK / Adults

2650 NOK / Youth

0 NOK / Children up to 6 years

Opening hours 2021 / 22


Perstulvegen 100, Dagali, Norway

Who are our visitors? Families with children, school and corporate groups, tourists in Norway and owners or visitors of the nearby cottages. They come from Geilo, Uvdal, Rødberg, Gol, Ål, but even from Nesbyen, Oslo and Bergen.

Park for free

You can park directly near the lift. The nearest public car charger is in Dagali.

Short or no ski lift queue

The ski center is not visited by thousands of skiers. You have enough space for yourself.

The café is opened

You can warm you up in the café. We sell hot drinks and small snacks.

Fancy the breathtaking view

Enjoy the bird's-eye views of Hallingskarvet, Geilo and Hardangervidda.

Will you be lucky to enjoy the Ice Village?

These are slightly different igloos with toboggan

Have you heard a long-term forecast with many "arctic" days? Than it is possible that we built the Ice Village for you. Follow our Facebook for actual information.

Imagine the ice realm

From outside, the ice objects have a very mysterious appearance as if from another world.

Look inside the ice igloo

See the inside space! It is an original and unexpected experience as you do not imagine the scale inside.

Laid by a polar hen? Really?

We use a special igloo creating device - Polar Hen, by mjölk architekti. It makes very thick ice shells with a specific trait of light conductivity.

Unique action "Après-ski" between Geilo and Uvdal

Order your very special private evening event!

No, this is not a massive party where you walk in high heels. This is an alcohol-free challenging evening fun, after skiing on the slopes in Uvdal and Geilo, which you will remember for lifetime, because the speed and energy will get you.

The atmosphere of the new adventure on the ski slope, the collective consciousness that this is an exclusive entertainment beyond the reality, it boosts your afterparty in an unexpected way.

Party lavvo

Meals for groups

Rent the sled run, café and hot tub private for the evening!

You can always order private sledding for more than 15 people besides the classic opening hours. Contact us at

Is Dagali Fjellpark really a family friendly ski center?

Are you interested in why do we call the ski center as family friendly? We woult like to introduce you our reasons for this. If you agree that it is right to call it as family friendly ski center, you made us happy. If we can improve something for the children on the ski slopes, we will be pleased if you write to us about it.

These are the reasons to call Dagali Fjellpark as a family friendly ski center:

The slopes are not very difficult

The 5 slopes are suitable for beginners and slightly advanced skiers.

The lift takes a short time

The lift is 1150 m long, so it is not difficult for smaller children to stay on it.

Easy orientation

The ski slopes end at the same lift. Older children can ski alone, they have nowhere to get lost.

Children under 6 ski for free

The use of the Children’s area is free for everyone, including adults who teach their children.

Well-equipped children’s area

Kids can practice on a gentle meadow, specially equipped with toys.

Short or no ski lift queue

Children are tired of standing in ski lift queues. It takes them a lot of energy. Just let them ski!

Rent equipment for children

You do not need to buy new equipment for children, who are still growing, every two years. Local rental is happy to help you.

Warm you up

In the café, you can warm you up, eat your own or local snack and buy a hot drink. It will be a pleasant break for you and the children.


(+47) 906 22 675

Our booking phone is available from 9:00 to 17:00.

Perstulvegen 100, 3588 Dagali


We are pleased that we can work together with local hotels, societies and other tourism associations. We thank Visit Geilo,, Dagalifjellets Vel and Fagerli Leirskole for their cooperation.

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