Cross-country skiing Geilo

Dagalifjell mountain plateau in Norway

Impressive network of ski trails

The ski lift takes you up

Free parking at Dagali Fjellpark

Combine ski tour with sled run

Relax after the adventure

25 minutes from Geilo

Ski touring in untracked terrain. Cross Country Skiing Langren Winter in Norway vinter i Dagali privat Skisenter
Cross Country Skiing Langren
Groomed ski trails for cross-country in Norway, Hardangervidda. Cross Country Skiing Langren

The 160 km long network of cross-country trails located on Dagalifjell mountain plateau is completely maintained by Dagalifjell Løypelag. The team creates the best possible ski trail network on Dagalifjell for the funds that are available.

Do you love exploring the mountains? Are you looking for a perfect groomed-trail ski venue in Norway? Or ski touring in untracked terrain?

Welcome to Dagalifjell mountain plateau located short way from Hardangervidda National Park, Norway, between Dagali and Uvdal, near Geilo.

Choose from 160 km of ski trails in dreamlike terrain at Dagalifjell

Prime skiing conditions December - April

All the ski trails are well-groomed on weekends and daily during holidays.

Great for everyone

Dagalifjell offers perfect cross-country skiing holidays in Norway both for professional athletes and beginners.


Top trail grooming makes Dagalifjell near Hardangervidda a true cross-country winter fairytale realm.

Total trail length: 160 km

You can ski around the entire mountain on snow-reliable cross-country trails.

Offtrack adventure

Experience day-long ski tours away from the prepared tracks into more adventurous terrains in the spectacular norwegian nature.

Cross-country skiing style: classic & skating

The impressive network of trails is groomed for skating as well as classic skiing.

Choose the best cross-country skiing trail for you

Wilderness Lavvo

Your winter adventure between Geilo and Uvdal

Check the current conditions on On you will find the map of the trails, together with current information about all cross country ski trails and when they last time have been groomed.

Dagalifjell mountains offer fantastic opportunities for cross-country skiing. Whether you are a group of friends, a company trip, a school trip, a couple, a family or a solo traveller, Dagalifjell create a friendly atmosphere for your cross country ski holiday.

You will find easy family tracks in relatively flat terrains, but also uphills challenging even for experienced cross country skiers who enjoy longer day tours in beautiful, wild landscapes. Some of the trails at Dagalifjell mountain plateau offer magnificent views.

cross country in norway

Start at Dagali Fjellpark

The ski lift takes you up into the mountains

Cross-country skiing at Dagalifjell near Geilo, Uvdal, Hardangervidda is widely practiced as a sport and recreational aktivity. A man standing and looking at Numedalslågen.
Wilderness Lavvo
Cross-country skiing at Dagalifjell near Geilo, Uvdal, Hardangervidda is widely practiced as a sport and recreational aktivity. A man standing and looking at Numedalslågen.
sled run Dagali, Geilo, Uvdal - akebakke i Norge - kjelkekjøring

Dagali Fjellpark is a 25-minute drive from Geilo. The ski center is a great starting point for skiers who like to ski with a day pack and return to the comfort of the cabin each night.

To complete your Norwegian winter holiday you may like to add winter activities such as sledding on the special sled run in Dagali, or snowkiting.

Thanks to Dagalifjell Løypelag, you can start your cross-country skiing trip from Dagali Fjellpark. Take the ski lift and be quickly, easily and without effort up in the mountains. The extensive network of ski tracks with the stunning view makes Dagalifjell one of the most beautiful cross country ski areas in Norway.

At the end of the lift, before you go to the mountains, look back! See the beautiful views of the Hallingskarvet National Park.

There are also unlimited possibilities to explore the landscape on unprepared trails.

The groomed cross-country trails are available for a voluntary fee. Members of Dagalifjellets Vel, who contribute as part of their membership, have special benefits. 

Pay 66 NOK - Vipps number #715179

Paying 66 NOK for the lift at Dagali Fjellpark and the groomed cross-country trails, you support the local comunity Dagali sti- og løyelag (through Dagalifjellets Vel), which takes care of ski tracks in the Dagali area. Thank you for your contribution!

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Park at Dagali Fjellpark for free.

Members - gratis lift

Members of Dagalifjellets Vel have ski lift at Dagali Fjellpark for cross-country skiing trips gratis.

For biginners - Torsetlia

The trail begins at Dagali Fjellpark and leads from Perstulhovda through the beautiful landscape all the way to Hovdesetre, Torsetlia, Fyritjønn and back to Perstultjønne and Dagali Fjellpark sled run and ski center.

Advanced - Torsetvatnet

This trail is ideal for true cross-country enthusiasts. Start as biginners, but at Torsetlia, cross the road and ski around the Torsetvatnet lake. At Vedahovda Øst ski to Vedahovda Nord. Then Kabelen, Fyritjønn and back to Perstultjønne and Dagali Fjellpark sled run and ski center.

Advanced - Sigridfjell

This trail provides the most beautiful views. Take the ski lift from Dagali Fjellpark, choose one of the two tracks to Storåstjønne and Syningan. Then a long hill up awaits you, ending below Sigridfjell. Enjoy the view and return to Dagali Fjellpark. You can go through Torsetlia and Hovdesetre, or via Fyritjønn and Perstultjønne.

Book easy your great winter holidays

Combine different activities at Dagali Fjellpark

Snowkiter's paradise

Explore the endless possibilities and ultimate freedom of snowkiting.

snowkite Hardangervidda best snowkite

Lift-based sledding

Action on the toboggan run - 1,85 km down at speed up to 70 km/h!

Ski centrum

Choose from 5 slopes suitable for beginners and slightly advanced.

sled run Dagali, Geilo, Uvdal - akebakke i Norge - kjelkekjøring

Hot tub & Sauna

Ingredients for your special stay!

Hot Tub Geilo, badestamp Geilo. Accommodation in Norway with hot tub.

Private apartment

Capacity for up to 26 people.

Private and cheap accommodation in Norway. Rent A Cabin In Norway - Dagali Fjellpark, Geilo, Uvdal, Hardangervidda.

Night sledding

Unusual action "Après-ski" with headlights!

Evening sledding Geilo, Dagali. Night snow sledge Geilo.

Enjoy cross-country skiing in the Norwegian winter wonderland returning to cabin at Dagali Fjellpark after skiing every day. Use it as a base for various day trips. Start your skiing trip just outside the door!

The tracks suits skiers from beginner to advanced – families with children, school and corporate groups, tourists in Norway and owners or visitors of the nearby cottages.

Surprise your friends with a great event, an impressive party on snow, which contains both:

  • cross-country skiing,
  • sledding or night sledding,
  • ski center,
  • snowkiting,
  • accommodation in private apartment,
  • cozy hot tub and sauna,
  • meals – have a nice breakfast and dinner at our café.

We offer cross-country skis and equipment rental.

Are you looking for a school trip, company trips, action bachelor party or family celebration? Dagali Fjellpark is not far from Geilo, Uvdal, Rødberg, Gol, Ål, but even from Nesbyen, Oslo or Bergen.

Contact - Start planning your ski adventure today

(+47) 906 22 675

Our booking phone is available from 9:00 to 17:00.

Perstulvegen 100, 3588 Dagali

Dagalifjell is a paradise for cross-country skiers

Explore the endless white plains

Cross Country Skiing Langren
Cross Country Skiing Langren
Cross Country Skiing, Langren Cross-country skiing Geilo, Canyoning in Norway with Dagali Fjellpark, Adventure school trip to Norway
Cross Country Skiing Langren Cross-country skiing Geilo

Dagalifjell Løypelag looks after a nice variety of well groomed cross-country trails at Dagalifjell. You can ski from Dagali to Vasstulan via multiple trails.

Dagalifjell is a ski paradise with a quantum of well-groomed trails. The quality of the Dagalifjell cross country arena is mainly based on these parameters:

  • the trail length – the length of the cross-country skiing tracks is constantly increasing,
  • the type of tracks – modernization, renovation, adaptation for present trends and new styles,
  • the length of the season – this is affected by soon and frequently groomig,
  • how often the tracks are maintained,
  • safety.

You certainly won't do it in a day?

You have many options how to plan the ski trip. Thanks to Dagalifjell Løypelag, the variations are many and the accessibility is great. 160 km - it is enough for a long cross country skiing holidays.

Follow the track or skate

You can enjoy specially marked trails, created by driving a snow grooming machine through the mountains. Both classic and skate skiing in peaceful, freshly groomed and uncrowded conditions - choose the best for you.

Rather Christmas or Easter on snow?

The winter ski season extends from December into April, depending on snow conditions. Feel free to choose the best date for your cross country skiing holidays.

Top conditions on weekends

All the cross-country ski trails are well-groomed on weekends and daily during the holidays. The frequency is lower in the other weeks, preferably 50 km daily or grooming twice a week, prioritizing the most frequently-skied trails.

Safety in the mountains

Have you planned a ski trip?

Inform others about the route.

Do you have all the necessary equipment?

Bring the necessary equipment for the cross-country skiing trip so you can help yourself and others. Bring always a first aid kit, a high-visibility vest or a headlamp, a map and a compass.

Respect the weather.

Modify the planned ski trip according to conditions. Always check the weather forecast and avalanche warnings. Dress appropriately.

Choose safe routes.

Stay out of avalanche terrain. Be aware of ice conditions when you cross-country ski on lakes and rivers.

Be prepared!

Even on short trips, be prepared: bring extra clothing for bad weather and frost, take extra food and drink.

Always know where you are.

Use a map and a compass. Electronic aids are helpful, but make sure it works well even in frost. Evaluate your route continuously. Turn around if it is too challenging.

Read more about Dagalifjell

Dagalifjell is a mountain plateau located short way from Hardangervidda National Park, Norway, between Dagali and Uvdal. The area is divided into western and eastern parts by the Dagalivegen road.

The western part of Dagalifjell

The western part is represented by a distinctive ridge that extends from Perstulhovda (1145 m) on north, to Sigridfjell (1231 m) and the highest peak above Vasstulan – Djupegrønuten (1237 m). The relatively flat terrain of the high mountain plateau is typical by the presence of numerous lakes (Storåstjønne, Fyritjønne, Nordre and Søre Kroktjønne). On the west, Dagalifjell is bounded by the Tøddøla river valley.

The view of Dagalifjell, the cross-country skiing paradise.

The eastern part of Dagalifjell

The eastern part of Dagalifjell mountain plateau stretches up to about 5 – 10 km away from the Dagalivegen road. Also this part of the plateau is characterized by many lakes – Torsetvatnet, Steinsetdalsvatnet, Prestdalsvatnet or Løytetjønn. Over the terrain of the typical mountain plateau landscape, the distinctive hills rise – Rjupehovda (1144 m), Steindalsheie (1321 m) or Fjellbunuten (1340 m) – the highest mountain peak of Dagalifjell.

The northern part of Dagalifjell

The northern border of Dagalifjell mountain plateau is represented by the beautiful valley of the Numedalslågen river, which is famous for some of the best conditions for rafting in Norway.

The northern mountain ridge of the area is formed by Djupeskard (1264 m) on west, Perstulhovda (1145 m), the location of Dagali Fjellpark Ski Center with 5 northern oriented ski slopes and the special sled run, and Hagasetåsen (1088 m) on east. The imaginary border further west is formed by a chain of lakes – Leiråvatnet, Bergsjø or Frygnevatn.

The southern part of Dagalifjell

On the south, the large Uvdal valley, with Uvdal alpinsenter, forms the border of Dagalifjell. On its way north from Uvdal across Dagalifjell, the Dagalivegen road first overcomes an impressive 400-meter elevation to finally meet Vasstulan.