Classic rafting in crystal clear whitewater river

„Raft down the virgin river flowing from the national park. Get immersed by Hardangervidda rafting adventure.


The first rapid for classic rafting, good one for warming up.

Numedalslågen rafting Norge

The Devils Playground Rapids

These rapids are the first that we raft during Hardangervidda rafting classic trips. And they are the longest on the whole section.

Dagali Fjellpark Dagali Rafting Geilo, Norway

The Conrads Rapid

Most people love this place. There is a nice nature slide with a wave at the end.

Extreme rafting Norway, Dagali

The Angels Pathway Rapid

This rapid offers more options for where to raft. While classic rafting, we choose the best path based on the crew. We surf on waves under the rapid.

The best Rafting in Norway

The Whale

This place is most appreciated by children. Here you can swim for a while if you want.

The best rafting in Norway. Dagali. / Beste Dagali rafting i Norge.

The Coctail Rapid

It is a natural slide with 6 waves in a row. Classic rafting can do this rapid only when the flow is low (or if you expressly want to try it, and the guide evaluates that it is safe for you). The classic crew goes round this rapid and jumes back in the raft under it.

Classic Rafting

Hardangervidda rafting trips start just right at the border to the national park. It offers challenging rapids and a lot of fun.

Whitewater Class 4 / 4+

It means medium waves, maybe rocks, maybe a considerable drop, sharp maneuvers may be needed.

Rafting magicians

An experienced guide can keep the raft above the water in wild rapids. Just as he/she can, if he/she wants to, turn the raft over on perfectly calm water. The adrenaline level is adapted to the crew.

Get a good grip!

The ride will be jumpy and you don’t want to fall out, right? Feel comfortable where you are sitting and get a good grip.

Your unique trip

The trips are adapted to the crew. The crew is unik. Than also the trip will be unique.

Minimum age
Amazing minutes spend on the river
Hours spend on the whole activity


Fun and exciting section

Enjoy the sections that are not so extreme or difficult, but filled with action and exciting streams.

Natural therapy

Your trip starts just on the border to the natural protected area.

Intermediate level

This trip is suitable for most visitors: class trips, family vacations with older children, friends looking for an adventure.

Inspire your friends

Wet neoprenes in general do not look very comfortably and cosily. Someone does not dare to go rafting without inspiration.

Discover the unknown

The view on the landscape you pass, the high mountains around you, is completely unique from the river surface.

Suitable physical activity

You get paddles. You should use them, but it is not needed. As you wish. It is your Hardangervidda rafting adventure!

Power of the river

Get immersed by the power of the river. It is so strong and infinite! Compared to it, some everyday worries can seem to be a little smaller.

Completely happy and satisfied

99% of visitors leave the rafts completely happy and satisfied with their experience and performance.



The real alpine experience

Discover nature areas unreachable without special equipment. If you like Hardangervidda rafting classic trips, than this is something for you!

Explore the hidden Ølmøsåe

Incline: 180 m / 145 m, length: 1500 m / 1200 m, vertical difficulty: advanced / beginner, descent time: 6 / 5 hours.

Accommodation at Dagali Fjellpark

Capacity for up to 26 people.

Capacity for up to 2 * 4 people.

Capacity for up to 2 * 6 people.

Capacity for up to 50 tents.

Rafting Booking

  • Skriv din e-postadresse korrekt, du får en bekreftelse på rafting på denne adressen. / Write your e-mail address correctly, you will receive a confirmation of rafting at this address.
  • Kom 15 minutter før. / Come 15 minutes before.
  • Familierafting / Family Rafting

  • Krav for familieraftig: 8 år/120 cm. / The minimum age limit for family rafting: 8 years/120 cm.
  • Klassisk Rafting / Classic Rafting

  • Krav for klassisk raftig: 12 år/140 cm. / The minimum age limit for classis rafting: 12 years/140 cm.
  • Ekstremrafting FULL ON / Extreme Rafting FULL ON

  • Krav for FULL ON raftig: 15 år. / The minimum age limit for FULL ON rafting: 15 years.
  • Etter rafting får dere lunsj - har noen av dere en matintoleranse? / After rafting you get lunch - do any of you have a food intolerance?
    Dagali Fjellpark skal bruke dine persondata bare for å kontakte deg eventuelt i forbindelse med å arrangere rafting, som du har bestilt. / Dagali Fjellpark will use your personal data only to contact you if necessarily, in context with arranging rafting, which you have ordered.