Safe Family Rafting in Norway's Wilderness near Geilo

"Are you ready to have a little pirate at home?"

The most popular trip

Relax down the quiet parts of the river. We choose the best section which is safe enough for the youngest however enjoyable for adults.

Your free day in nature

Take the whole family into the wild! 

Rafting is serious fun!

We train our guides not only to take you safely down the river but also to maximize your fun.

Only for swimmers

You declare that the child can swim (is able to swim at least 50 meters).

Your mission? Simple.

Neither cooking nor working today!

A great adventure is waiting for your family!

Safety talk, family rafting in Dagali
Minimum age

15 minutes base-river

Price for kids

~ 8 km rafting

Price for adults

hot shower

Hours spend in the raft


Hours for the activity

25.5. - 10.10.

A standard Class 2 - 3

We raft the lower section of the river. We can even start where the higher lewels of trips end. Family rafting is Whitewater Class 2 - 3, which follows standard around the world.

Safety rule nr. 1: No Risk!

Safety is the highest priority, no matter what activity or difficulty. Guides never take risks. And when they make fun, believe that one eye laughs, but the other on is in charge.

Large rapid is not a barrier

If we meet a very large rapid during the trip, we can go around. Then only the guide alone or with a part of the crew raft it down. And we can continue.

Your trip is special

The trips are planned every day according to the current state of the water flow. Your trip will be special planned for your needs.

„Bravery & Amazing courage! Family rafting in Norway’s wilderness in Dagali get your children immersed.

Everything you need to know

What to bring?

Towel, shower gel, swimming suit to have under the neoprene, thermal/woolen underwear and socks for colder days.

Safety - No Risk!

Read the safety rules and routines. Go rafting in Norway's wilderness well prepared!

Where to meet?

Dagali Fjellpark, Perstulvegen 100, 3588 Dagali, Norway


We create a safe zone. The infection control plan is based on: Good hygiene, reduced contact between people, sick persons must be in isolation.

In case of rain?

Be happy! You don't have to watch the weather forecast. You will be wet anyway!

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Family Rafting with Dagali Fjellpark, Full ON, Numedalslågen Dagali, Norway

A trip for 3 generations

The minimum age is 8 years. The maximum age is not specified. Family rafting is the perfect opportunity to do something new with the grands.

Let the children paddle!

We give paddles for children as they can be active partners on the family rafting tour as well. They can paddle if they want. No paddling experience is required.

The nice part of the river

Your guide has some leeway to make the trip a bit more bouncy or a bit less splashy according to everyone’s wishes. Have fun on family rafting in Norway's wilderness!

Time for your family

Family rafting trip is a great opportunity to enjoy your children as equal partners in a completely new environment. This enables children and parents to act according to current situations and find new ways of solving problems.


Do it again! You cannot step into the same river twice.

Even if you raft the same river, it will never be the same. And this is doubly true with Numedalslågen! You can raft it with your family 3 times a season.

The river changes, it allows rafting other sections. Therefore family rafting in Norway’s wilderness in Dagali is always a different experience.


During the rafting trip, at the end, children can swim in a quiet river bay if they want to. If they do not want to swim, then they will not get wet.

The guides speak English. They can only speak basic commands in Norwegian. During the trip, parents have plenty of time to translate more complex commands to their children.

Life jacket keeps your child afloat in water. But still the kid has to be a swimmer – to be able to swim at least 50 meters 

This is not a problem. There are girls in the team who will help the girls, just as the guides in the men’s changing room will help the boys.

Yes, we choose the lower parts of the river, which is safe for children. But that doesn’t mean that the trip will be shorter. The entire length of the section will only move slightly lower.

Probably the biggest advantage are the quality wetsuits and the fact that the river is near, just 15 minutes by bus. This is very important for children.



Capacity 26 people

We offer private accommodation in a large, light, clean, practical, 2-storey apartment, which is built with groups in mind.


You can bring your own food and drinks. Tere is also a possibility of catering from our restaurant (café), which is situated in the second part of the same building.