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snowkite Hardangervidda best snowkite
snowkite Hardangervidda kite on snow

Feel like a stratospheric storm!

The kite is only yours

This applies to slightly advanced snowkiters

You share the kite with 1 person

This applies to beginners in kite skiing

No good wind - New date

Train only under really good conditions

Voice controlled intercom

Contact your instructor instantly!

Latest models of equipment

You need just ski/snowboard boots and goggles

Qualified instructors

Snowkite Hardangervidda explorers

snowkite Hardangervidda Ørteren Geilo, Hardangervidda Snowkiting Group Lessons Norway

Control the wind!

Use the kite power to glide on snow regardless of the wind direction! Once you have handled the snowkite, you have controlled the wild wind!

Learn the safe snowkiting

Get an instructor who gives you the freedom you need, but is still with you and learns you patiently the basics and the safety.

On the best place in Norway

The Hardangervidda mountain plateau offers huge wilderness areas and stable wind conditions throughout the entire winter!

Using the top equipment

Try different types of kites before you decide to buy your own snowkiting equipment. Find out what is best for your pleasure.

Escort the sky!

Also you can be a snowkiter

The snowkiting lessons are suitable for the general public.

From 35 kg

Minimum weight is 35 kg.

Beginners + Advanced

All courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced snowkiters. You need moderate ski or snowboard riding skills.

Individual approach

We guarantee individual approach to your skills.

Take with you

You need to take boots and goggles. Use our checklist to pack everything for your snowkiting group lesson.


The lessons in the basic concept take into account your own transport.

Choose the best snowkiting course

Private or group?

Private snowkiting lessons - Hardangervidda

snowkite Hardangervidda kite snowboarding

Just you and the instructor

100% focus on your skills

Price: 2.700 NOK / 1 day

Book on (+47) 9809 8975

Group snowkiting lessons - Hardangervidda

At most 4 snowkiters per 1 instructor

Beginners - you share the kite with 1 person

Slightly advanced - the kite is only yours

Price: from 1.600 to 2.300 NOK / 1 day

January 8 - April 23

The Snowkite Hardangervidda Season 2022


Give us a call so we can better understand your experience and your expectations. We will then agree on the duration, scope and intensity of the snowkite Hardangervidda lesson.

Honza Simek
Instructor (7. place on Red Bull Ragnarok, ski, 2017)
Lenka Simkova
Booking, Instructor

(+47) 9809 8975

Kite as a professional!

Your benefits when kiting with us

Heated multivan

Warm up in our adventure multivan!

Helmet with intercom

No need to push a button, just talk!

Qualified instructors

Experienced explorers - since 2010 in Norway.

Latest models of kites

Both inflatable kites and foil kites.

Ski & Snowboard

Choose from skis or snowboard.

The best conditions for that day

We guide you to the best spot for that day.

Throughout the snowkite lessons in Geilo surroundings, you will be guided by experienced explorers who are coming to the area since 2010 and know it like home backyard. They will recommend you the best spots for the day and your skills.

We offer snowkite Hardangervidda lessons for the general public. All you need to have is a moderate ski or snowboard riding skill, we will teach you all it takes so you can become an independent snowkiter! We will also provide you with the necessary snowkite equipment: you bet the best snowkite for you, and other kite skiing equipment.

We teach in English and we adapt every lesson to your needs: learn how to snowkite, the kite snowboarding basics, snowkite jumping, kite skiing extreme and so on.

2 absolutely key quality criteria for your brilliant success

snowkite Hardangervidda Ørteren Geilo, Hardangervidda Snowkiting Group Lessons Norway

Read this before you pay for any snowkite course

Lessons only when the wind blows

Don't laugh! We're not kidding. Are the others out with kites? Now the smile fits better. Even if you look forward to snowkiting as a small child, we won't take you out learning to snowkite unless it's blowing properly. If the lesson can not be realized, we will set a new date or refund you money.

Limited capacity

Snowkiting is an adventure for freedom lovers! Do you want to feel as a stratospheric storm? Do you want to spend your money well? Than it is not enough for you to hold the kite for 10 minutes out of 1 hour. Ask always about how many persons share a kite and an instructor.

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"Tens of kilometers" at Hardangervidda

Genius & Unforgettable

snowkite Hardangervidda Norway snowkiting

The Hardangervidda Plateau in Norway is the destination of choice for polar explorers, who need to train for the trips to the Poles. It is the largest wilderness area in Europe.

Hardangervidda is a place with one of the best conditions for snowkiting in the world, because of the huge ridable area, stable wind and really long winter season.

You can call it a snowkiter's paradise, because it is...

Totaly free space

Giant lakes, gradual hills, lots of snow. No trees or wires. Hardangervidda offers huge areas and stable wind conditions throughout the winter.

Europe's largest wilderness

Get up to the plateau by Norwegian Scenic Route from Eidfjord to Haugastøl. It is open for traffic throughout the year.

Home of Red Bull Ragnarok

Snowkiters from more than 30 nations meet on Hardangervidda to fight for the victory in the world’s largest snowkite competition - Red Bull Ragnarok.

One of the #1 spots worldwide

The Hardangervidda mountain plateau is widely known as one of the best spots in the world for snowkiting.

Snowkite Hardangervidda

There are many places suitable for snowkiting in Geilo and surroundings. All depends on your preferences, skill and current weather conditions. The location for each day will be selected accordingly. Haugastøl, the Ørteren lake, Båtstjørn, Hardangervidda, this area has become the Mecca for snowkiting in Norway, but also worldwide.

Snowkite Hardangervidda

Hardangervidda plateau is called the snowkiter’s paradise and offers many spots suitable for both beginners and advanced riders.

Snowkite Ustaoset

Ustaoset lake and an area above Ustaoset towards Hallingskarvet mountain. Lovely terrains where you can amaze local cross country skiers with your speed.

Snowkite Vasstulan

Vasstulan is another great snowkiting spot close to Dagali. Worth going when there is too much wind up on the plateau.

That's what it's all about:

Kiting over the nearly endless, glittering, frozen realm...

command the wind, choosing where to go and how...

multiplying the moment of happiness when the kites listens to you!

How does it work?

Plan the lesson

What snowkite Hardangervidda course are you interested in? How many of you will come? Which date suits you best?

Book the lesson

The kiteskiing lesson can you book on-line, you can also ring (+47) 9809 8975 or write an e-mail to

We give you a call

We would like to talk with you about the intensity of the snowkite Hardangervidda lesson and your expectations.

Clarify the equipment

We will clarify the details 2 weeks in advance – we are interested in, regardless of social conventions, age, weight and shoe size of the participants.

Instructional videos

We provide you with our instructional videos. You can study basic concepts and terminology beforehand. Videos are tuned for the kites we use, and the lessons snowkite Hardangervidda.

Meeting point is set up

2-3 days in advance, it can be said with 70% certainty, which place do we choose for snowkiting in Geilo surroundings. The time and place of the start of the course will be determined.

Meeting point is confirmed

1 day in advance, the meeting spot is confirmed. The last details are clarified. Do you want to ask anything? Ask now so that we can be prepared to help you.

Experience the new world

Just whistling wind, you … and the snowkite! Giant lakes, gradual hills, lots of snow! No trees or wires wide far. Just the endless, frozen kingdom.

Survey the details!

Why is the voice controlled intercom in the helmet for snowkiting so important?

Imagine that you are holding the strong kite with your both hands. And that you need to call the instructor. Which hand would you rather stop holding the kite with, to push the radio button on a walkie-talkie? Rather none, correct? Control the radio in the helmet just with your voice. This is the best Hardangervidda snowkiting for you because of the safety and comfort.

Checklist - take with you

Pack for your snowkite Hardangervidda lesson: ski/snowboard boots, goggles, sun cream with a high UV factor, lip balm, warm clothes like when you go skiing, thermos with a hot drink, snack/lunch, warm socks, quality warm gloves, balaclava helmet or a hat to have under the helmet (it is good to cover your face also).

Won't the kite take me far away or too high?

This is exactly the reason why you have an experienced instructor with you, who asks about your weight in advance. The instructor will choose the right snowkite size according to your weight and for the given wind force. In addition, the guide wouldn't let you go kiting if the wind was too strong.

The milder the wind - the bigger the kite

We have snowkite sizes from 4 m2, over 8 m2 to 14 m2.

Is the wind speed of 10 m/s good?

The wind speed for beginners is optimal at around 5 - 7 m/s. Then the control speed is optimal. If it blows more, max 10 m/s for beginners, than you just get a smaller kite, so that the power in the kite is not so strong.

Do I have to buy snowkite?

No. We will lend you the best kite skiing equipment for you and the wind force.

Won't I be cold in the beginning?

No, you warm up the most in the beginning! You move a lot, you learn, you sit, you get up, you stand, learn snowkite basics, skiingt with kite, you try another snowkite equipment.

Will I have wet clothes?

Not so much, certainly not as much as on a snowboard.

Can I reach a speed of 50 km/h?

This is one of the best questions about snowkiting! As a beginner, you can reach a speed of about 35 km/h. As advanced, you can reach a speed of about 65 km/h. And if you are as fast as Christopher Krug, you reach 118 km/h! (World wide speed ranking 2009)

Can I take my helmet?

No, our helmet has a built-in intercom.

What is the best kite for snowkiting?

The best kite for snowkiting for you is the one that is precisely set up to your weight and wind force.

Is it "Haugastol" or "Haugastøl" snowkite?

Haugastøl is the name in Norwegian. The best with Haugastøl is the almost unlimited amount of different kite skiing spots. Haugastøl has become the Mecca for snowkiting in Norway, but also worldwide.

As a beginner, can I kite alone in 2 hours?

Yes, if you are handy, you can try to control the kite for yourself after two hours. Especially if you have experience with sailing, or if you are a good skier. But it is not a rule.

Snowkiting, kiteskiing or snow kite skiing, these are the names for the amazing outdoor winter activity, a combination of action sports, where you use a kiteboarding-style kite to power you fast across the snow.

Snowkiting differs from other alpine sports in that it is possible for you to travel uphill and downhill with any wind direction.

Snowkiting has become truly popular in lands associated with snowboarding or skiing, such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, France, Switzerland or Austria.

Are you looking for the perfect snowkiting venue? Continue reading this article about snowkite cross the Norwegian Hardangervidda plateau.