News from the snow toboggan sledding in Dagali

Upgrading, new sleds and new price

Our elevator-based tobogganing has become an action-packed winter tradition in Dagali. And it is not without reason! There are fantastic views towards Hallingskarvet; the enjoyable ski lift that takes you up; reaching speeds of up to 70 km/h as you descend 1850 m back down the mountain, all this makes the groomed snow toboggan run an effortless leisure entertainment in beautiful natural surroundings.

Wondering what’s new?

We have been upgrading the toboggan run ready for this winter. If you have been with us before, you may remember that the snow toboggan run was thoroughly improved in the summer of 2013 and further developed in 2014. Then it became possible to toboggan both faster and safer. This year we have continued to work on upgrading the trail. The goal was to level out both the toboggan run and the bed under the lift in the stretch from the lower lift station all the way up to the fifth lift post.

Winter toboggan upgrade. Dagali.

We have started with preparing of the snow toboggan run. (foto: Dagali Fjellpark)

1596 tonnes of gravel

In the autumn, we transported 1596 tonnes of gravel into several key spots on the trail to make it all a lot smoother. The bed under the lift has also been significantly upgraded in four places. As the ground did not rise all the way up, every year we had to push up to 1.3 meters of snow into these four places to even out the ascent. This was not ideal due to the futile use of the machines and fuel, and the unnecessary disturbance of the natural tranquillity that cottage owners are looking for here on Dagalifjell.

We have started with preparing

On December 9th 2021 we were able to start preparing the toboggan run. Last year it was possible to start preparing with 80 – 90 cm of snow. Due to these improvements we now expect to run the trail with 30 – 40 cm of snow. We hope to prepare so well, that you can sled from Christmas to Easter!

Winter toboggan upgrade. Dagali.

In the autumn, we transported 1596 tonnes of gravel into several key spots on the snow toboggan trail to make it all a lot smoother. (foto: Dagali Fjellpark)

Thank Hol municipality for the support

Hol municipality has supported this project financially. We are very grateful for that, thank you very much.

New ‘Snowcarts’ sleds

Last year we tested the new self-produced sleds or ‘Snowcarts’ on the snow toboggan run in Dagali. By updating the design and plastic our new fleet of toboggans are 1.5kg lighter and 6cm higher than the older yellow sleds. These improvements mean that if it snows during the day, and the groomed trail is covered with fresh snow, it will still be possible to sled quickly.

Production of new ‘Snowcarts’ sleds for snow toboggan at Dagali Fjellpark. (foto: Dagali Fjellpark)

Can bioplastics, biodegradable plastics or materials from waste not be used?

We have been asked if it must be plastic that is used for the construction of sleds. Or if we can not use biodegradable plastic or materials from waste. This is well meant and we agree, but technically it is not possible. The load on the sled construction is extreme. The high speed in the turns, frequent use throughout the season, safety of our customers, all this places high demands on material strength.

But we think about the environment. Plastic is used in the best possible sustainable way, only as much material as you really need. Thicker plastic on the mowers, thinner where the construction allows it. And the plastic parts can of course be recycled.

The price of ski passes and toboggan runs

We have added NOK 5 in addition to the prices of our winter activities, both tobogganing and alpine skiing. We will collect all these five kroner, and they will be sent directly to Dagali Trail Team (Dagali ski- og løypelag).

This is how everyone who visits the snow toboggan run and the ski slopes at Dagali Fjellpark supports local development and maintenance of the adventurous 160 km long network of cross-country trails on Dagalifjell. Thank you very much!

Sled run in Dagali - Hol / Viken / Geilo / Uvdal. Akebakke i Dagali.

The new banner in Dagali (foto: Dagali Fjellpark)

Do Dagalifjellets Vel’s members get better offers on the toboggan run at Dagali Fjellpark?

Yes, throughout January, all Dagalifjellets Vel’s members get a 20% discount on sleds every Friday and Sunday. The campaign will be announced in detail via e-mail during December.

What can we improve for you?

For us, it is important that you feel at home on our toboggan run. What can we improve for you? What are you missing? It will be nice if you write your tips to Emilie,

Hol kommune
Dagalifjellets Vell

Effortless with a ski lift

The ski lift will pull you up! No hard work, just exciting fun.

Whiz 1,850 m down!

The track is pretty long and consists of straight stages and many curves.

Feel the super speed

Enjoy our custom-built snow toboggan sleds. Reach a speed up to 70 km/h!

Rent all you need

Rentals - fast snow sled, helmet and goggles. Rentals included in the price.

Fast snow toboggan sleds in Dagali

It is right here, you can experience the thrilling snow toboggan!