Sledge run – booking

Sledge run BOOKING

If you want the sledge is WAITING FOR YOU, it is highly recommended to reserve in advance both night sledding and regular sledding.

WINTER HOLIDAY – opening hours in the period 19.2. – 7.3.:

  • Sledge Run and Ski Senter: daily 10:00 – 16:00
  • Nightsledge 17:30 – 19:30:
    • FR 19.2., SA 20.2., WE 24.2., FR 26.2., SA 27.2., WE 3.3., FR 5.3., SA 6.3.


Sledge run in Dagali has its own hashtag on Instagram, which collects funny and exciting photos. Do you want your photos to joint this photo collection?

Tag the photos with #AKINGiDagali


Akebakke / Sledge run BOOKING

  • Bare én person per kjelke. Aldersgrensen for aking: 12 år når barnet AKER alene (foreldrene aker ikke), 10 år når barnet AKER sammen med en voksen - hver person har sin egne kjelke. / Only one person per sledge. The minimum age limit for sledging: 12 years for children who are sledging alone, 10 years for children who are sledging side by side with an adult.
  • Se åpningstider for å sjekke om det blir åpent. / See opening hours to check if it will be open.
  • Kom 15 minutter før. / Come 15 minutes before.
  • Kom 15 minutter før. / Come 15 minutes before.
    Dagali Fjellpark skal bruke dine persondata bare for å kontakte deg eventuelt i forbindelse med å arrangere aking, som du har bestilt. GDPR ellers kan du lese nede på siden. / Dagali Fjellpark will use your personal data only to contact you if necessarily, in context with arranging sledding, which you have ordered. GDPR you can read at the bottom of the page.

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