Rafting The Numedalslågen River

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Wondering what is rafting The Numedalslågen River about?

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River cowboys on extreme rafting

numedalslågen rafting

Surprise Surprise

This part you can run only on FULL ON rafting. These are large and powerful rapids that require technical help from the entire crew. You train this in advance. If you paddle, you paddle. If you do not paddle, you swim.

Five Holes plus bonus

This part can you raft only on FULL ON rafting. This rapid is not for everyone. The name describes everything. Just a strong crew with the most experienced guides can go there. You don’t want to swim through this one. A lot of really serious fun.

Warming up...


The first rapid for classic rafting, good one for warming up. A smaller but technical rapid that will test how you manage to execute the command from your guide.

Numedalslågen Norge rafting

Noname rapid

The last rapids on which you can test your skills and determination before the Devils Playground. Three big waves that flood the whole raft with water and none of you will stay dry.

Numedalslågen rafting Norge

Devils Playground

This is the longest and most continuous rapid on whole rafting section on Numedalslågen. It’s called Devils cause the river is running there through a beautiful gorge with dark rock walls. It’s a lot of splashing while going down this playground.

rafting in norway serious fun


This rapid consists of few steps made by big stones time to time sticking out of water. After all Devils playground it looks harmless but definitely it is not! To slightly get downstairs you need to stay in a proper line and not hit any stone.

Minimum age
Amazing minutes spend on the river
Hours spend on the river
Hours spend on the whole activity



The real alpine experience

Discover nature areas unreachable without special equipment. If you like Hardangervidda rafting classic trips, than this is something for you!

Explore the hidden Ølmøsåe

Incline: 180 m / 145 m, length: 1500 m / 1200 m, vertical difficulty: advanced / beginner, descent time: 6 / 5 hours.



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