Numedalslågen Rafting - Is mustache a necessity?


We would like to answer those questions, that have come to us recently:

“Is a mustache necessery for rafting?”

Not at all.

“Does the mustache help you with paddling?”


“Than why?”

Rafting is, first of all, big fun and great adventure. As well as a mustache…

With or without mustache, you will always enjoy Numedalslågen rafting, because of those 4 factors:

Amazing nature of Norwegian mountains

„You can really taste the nature while rafting on Numedalslågen, the virgin river flowing from Hardangervidda national park.

Wave surfing during Numedalslågen rafting

Under normal and higher flows, you can surf with the raft on the thrilling waves. The river flows incredibly fast! But the raft stops completely! What is the secret?

Always a safe, stunning river

„The river bed is various. It alternates regularly between wild rapids and slow-moving pools. Feel the adrenalin in wild water, then slow down, check the crew, breath normaly, continue and enjoy Numedalslågen rafting!“

All-inclusive trip for three generations

„On Numedalslågen, the whole family of yours can go rafting. Children from 8 years, parents, grandmother and grandfather as well. Some more complicated passages, for exampel only the father can raft. But the others can look at him and applaud him when he manages the rapids.

Based on the nature and the character of the river, you can rely on that white water rafting on the Numedalslågen River in Dagali is definitely among the best rafting experiences in Norway.

Go rafting with professional rafting center Dagali Fjellpark. There is over 10 years experience with rafting on the river, and you can choose from 3 types of trips.

Family rafting

Your kids will be infinitely proud of themselves.

Classic rafting

Even a wild river can be safely rafted with a good equipment and experienced local guides.

FULL ON Extreme rafting

It's probably better not to show much photos at home in advance ...

Quick booking


Included in price: equipment, guide & safety talk, lunch and transport to the river.

Family rafting


690 NOK


590 NOK

Classisk rafting

Summer season (19.6. – 18.8.):

940 NOK

Autumn season (19.8. – 10.10.):

890 NOK

Extreme FULL ON rafting

1050 NOK

Reservations for the following day are closed at 17:00.

This is due to the organization of rafting guides. Thank you for your understanding.

Rafting Booking

  • Skriv din e-postadresse korrekt, du får en bekreftelse på rafting på denne adressen. / Write your e-mail address correctly, you will receive a confirmation of rafting at this address.
  • Kom 15 minutter før. / Come 15 minutes before.
  • Familierafting / Family Rafting

  • Krav for familieraftig: 8 år/120 cm. / The minimum age limit for family rafting: 8 years/120 cm.
  • Klassisk Rafting / Classic Rafting

  • Krav for klassisk raftig: 12 år/140 cm. / The minimum age limit for classis rafting: 12 years/140 cm.
  • Ekstremrafting FULL ON / Extreme Rafting FULL ON

  • Krav for FULL ON raftig: 15 år. / The minimum age limit for FULL ON rafting: 15 years.
  • Etter rafting får dere lunsj - har noen av dere en matintoleranse? / After rafting you get lunch - do any of you have a food intolerance?
    Dagali Fjellpark skal bruke dine persondata bare for å kontakte deg eventuelt i forbindelse med å arrangere rafting, som du har bestilt. / Dagali Fjellpark will use your personal data only to contact you if necessarily, in context with arranging rafting, which you have ordered.