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The history of the ski center in Dagali began in 1982, when local enthusiasts signed the first lease for land under the facility. The ski center was ceremoniously opened on February 1, 1985.

The sledges came several years later. Tobogganing was first launched in Dagali in the winter season 1997/98.

In 2014, in the center of Geilo, the company FULL ON AS has been established.FULL ON” rafts started to appear on the river Numedalslågen in Dagali, and the first expeditions to the canyon in Uvdal were also organized.

In 2017, FULL ON AS bought the small ski center in Dagali, Dagali Fjellpark, which was for sale at that time. The company FULL ON AS moved with all its kayaks and rafts to the ski slopes in Dagali, which were so close to the amazing, world-class rapids of the river Numedalslågen.

Since 2017, Dagali Fjellpark – this beautiful place on the slopes with great views towards Hallingskarvet, has become a base for both summer and winter activities, operated by FULL ON AS.

In 2021, the sale began to be offered preferentially through the new online booking system.

In 2022, the ski center received a license to operate the lift in the summer as well. Thanks to this, a new activity was launched – Mountain Cart.

In the same year, the cooperation with the Hallingdal Museum and Visit Nesbyen was established, which made it possible to expand the canyoning offer also on the river Rukkedøla in Nesbyen.

From January 2023, FULL ON AS is a member of Travel Warranty Insurance (Reisegarantifondet), and and is authorized to provide travel packages.

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We thank Hol kommune for the support. Thanks to subsidies, we are able to improve our offer and thus make the entire Geilo destination more attractive to visitors from all over the world.

These projects have been sponsored:

  • the terrain adaptation for the sled run and Mountain Cart (2021),
  • grants to help us pay the energy bills (2022).
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