Mountain Cart Dagali Fjellpark

Parent/Guardian approval

All participants under the age of 18 must have the parent/guardian approval to be able to participate in the activity. Prior to the activity, the participants will receive safety information about situations that may arise along the way.

1 person per Cart

Min. age 12 years, min. height 150 cm, max. weight 100 kg.

Leisurely ride into the valley

The 1 hour ticket covers up to 8 downhill rides: 570 m up with a ski lift, and 670 m down the cart slope.

Safety equipment included

A full-face helmet and googles protect you during the ride. Rental is included and for free.

  • The helmet, googles and sturdy shoes must be worn during the entire activity. 
  • Place your feet correctly on the steps. 
  • Brake safely and in a good time before obstacles.
  • Driving is allowed only on the designated track.
  • Activities on the ski lift, which involve danger to people and the ski lift equipment, are prohibited.
  • Behave so that you do not harm yourself or others. Coming from behind (from above) you are responsible for avoiding collisions.
  • You must ride in a controlled manner and adjust the speed according to skills, terrain, conditions and traffic.
  • If you overtake another Cart, you must provide sufficient space and do the overtaking safely.
  • Do not stop in the middle of the track. If you are forced to stop, go to the side immediately. Do not stop on narrow places, or on places where you will not be seen by Carts coming from behind you.
  • Follow signs, markings and directions.
  • In the case of injuries, it is your obligation to stop and help. Witnesses and persons involved are required to provide their personal data.

Self-declaration for parents / guardians of underaged participants

  1. I confirm that I have read and understood the Mountain Carts safety rules.
  2. I confirm that the participant does not have or has had diseases that can cause acute seizures.
  3. I confirm that the participant is at least 12 years old and 150 cm tall, and that body weight is below 100 kg.
  4. I confirm that the participant will participate in Mountain Carting organized by FULL ON AS (Dagali Fjellpark) aware of the risks the activity includes. I confirm to have received information about these risks and possible claims.
  5. I accept that photos and video of the participant taken in connection with the implementation of the activity can be used in the company’s marketing.
  6. I confirm that by participating in the activity, the participant agrees to have received sufficient safety information, and to have been informed about risks and possible injuries. 
  7. I am aware that FULL ON AS has liability insurance, but not accident insurance for the participants. I therefore know that the participant is not insured through FULL ON AS if an accident occurs as a result of a situation the participant is to blame for, or for which FULL ON AS cannot be blamed.
  8. I accept that neither FULL ON AS, nor persons acting on behalf of FULL ON AS, can be held liable for any kind of damage that should occur to the participant in connection with the activities. By injury is meant both injury to person and objects.
  9. I accept that third parties, including family, may not make claims against FULL ON AS or against persons acting on behalf of FULL ON AS.
  10. Any claims against FULL ON AS are regulated by Norwegian law, and any lawsuits that do not lapse on the basis of the above must be brought at FULL ON AS local court.
  11. I have read the above, and understood what the statement entails. I understand that by sending below, I accept the risks that activity under the auspices of FULL ON AS entails, and at the same time I accept the above disclaimer.

Parent/Guardian approval

  • I confirm that I have read and understood the safety rules and self-declaration for the mountain carts activity. By completing and submitting this form, I give my consent for the underaged listed below to take part in the activity.

  • The participant in the activity

  • Privacy Statement

    FULL ON AS (Dagali Fjellpark) hereby declares that personal information will only be used in connection with the performance of the activity. Personal information will never be used for advertising purposes.