Dagali Fjellpark

Dagali Fjellpark is located on a slope above Dagali, which is a mountain village in Norway. From here it is only a few steps to Hardangervidda National Park, known for its unique landscape, the beautiful Norwegian nature and opportunities for outdoor experiences.

Dagali Fjellpark offers exciting summer and winter outdoor activities. In summer, it is RAFTING, CANYONING and kayaking, which attract the most visitors. In winter, it is mainly the SKI CENTER and the longest SLEDGE TRAIL with ski lift in Norway, what is the main reason for the visit.

The guests can choose from three types of accommodation: private holiday apartment, accommodation in a lavvo or a campsite. All the accommodation options are built with groups in mind.

Our clients are often groups: school trips, company trips, scouts, large active families (anniversaries, weddings), team building, bachelor parties and other events.

Dagali Fjellpark is focused on adrenaline outdoor activities. Safety comes therefore first, and only professional guides and instructors are in the team.

The nearest town is Geilo (25 km away), where the nearest train station is located. We offer transportation for our guests between Geilo and Dagali.


Experience the pure nature and activities at Dagali Fjellpark