How to learn snowkiting?

3 key criteria for your success

Do you want to know, how to learn snowkiting?

Before you pay for any snowkite course, read this simple recipe by Jan Simek, the long distance kiting VAKE 2019 world champion (2019), the winner of 7. place on Red Bull Ragnarok (ski, 2017) and the leader of the snowkiting team UpWind at Dagali Fjellpark near Geilo, Norway.

What is the most important thing about how to learn snowkiting?

“Take the lessons only when the wind blows. Don’t laugh! I am not kidding. Train only under really good conditions. Are the others out with kites? Now the smile fits better. Even if you look forward to snowkiting as a small child, we won’t take you out to show you how to learn snowkiting unless it’s blowing properly. A good course will set a new date or refund you money, if the lesson can not be realized. This is at least what we do.”

What about the capacity of group lessons?

“Of course, the capacity of group lessons has to be strictly limited. Snowkiting is an adventure for freedom lovers! Do you want to feel as a stratospheric storm? Do you want to spend your money well? Than it is not enough for you to hold the kite for 10 minutes out of 1 hour. Ask always about how many persons share a kite and an instructor.”

snowkite Hardangervidda Ørteren Geilo, Hardangervidda Snowkiting Group Lessons Norway. How to learn snowkiting?

Hardangervidda, the best place for snowkiting in Norway (foto: UpWind)

What is the best capacity for a group snowkiting lesson?

“For our group snowkite courses on Hardangervidda, which is the best place for snowkiting in Norway, we always have one kite per person. This applies to slightly advanced snowkiters. Bigginers in kite skiing share one kite with one other person. It is good to rest a while. Our qualified instructors have only small groups, 4 persons per one instructor.”

Is there any equipment that can help you to learn snowkiting easily?

“Yes, a voice controlled intercom in the helmet is great. Imagine that you are holding the strong kite with your both hands. And that you need to call the instructor. Which hand would you rather stop holding the kite with, to push the radio button on a walkie-talkie? Rather none, correct? Control the radio in the helmet just with your voice. This is the best for you because of the safety and comfort.”

Written by: Emilie Pilátová 

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Snowkite Hardangervidda

Control the wind!

Use the kite power to glide on snow regardless of the wind direction! Once you have handled the snowkite, you have controlled the wild wind!

Learn the safe snowkiting

Get an instructor who gives you the freedom you need, and teaches you the basics and the safety rules patiently.

At the best place in Norway

The Hardangervidda mountain plateau offers huge wilderness areas and stable wind conditions throughout the entire winter!

Using the top equipment

Try different types of kites before you decide to buy your own snowkiting equipment. Find the best kite for you.

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