Company trips

Company trips in Norway with Dagali Fjellpark

A great TEAM building will free your MIND

and open it for new SOLUTIONS.

Invite your employees to join us for a few days. We offer practical accommodation, conference facilities and a wide range of summer and winter outdoor adventures. 

If you prefer team building in the form of games, we will be happy to prepare them.

But if you want to try something UNIQUE, try our FULL ON exhilarating adrenaline experiences - the wild river, rafting, kayaking and kanyoning. Our professional instructors will be at your disposal, taking care of you.

In winter, the longest sledging run entertains, both day and night by flashlights. And than, after a nice dinner, the sauna and hot baths are waiting for you.

Whether you’re seeking team development with outdoor adventure or simply a great day out to reward your staff, our active days in the beautiful Norwegian nature will inspire all individuals.

Take a look at all the activities. Book your very own group adventure days with Dagali Fjellpark.

We offer company trips in Norway at Dagali Fjellpark:

  • adrenaline experiences
  • transportation of your group from anywhere to Geilo / Dagali and back again
  • accommodation
  • food and drinks, if you want to
  • rental and service.

Tip four your company trips: CANYONING and RAFTING

Canyoning and rafting has been an attractive summer activity for many years of good reason. It is an adventure everyone can join in. It is a good way to create long-term cohesion of a group.

It is an incredibly exciting and fun way to get associates and friends into an environment where they can collaborate and grow in new ways. It is one of the most natural ways to make good team building.

It’s fun, educational and it makes individuals more confident. It is also a wonderful and safe way to play in the wilderness setting.

You can COMBINE all our activities to make the perfect team building.