Canyoning - A nearly unknown phenomenon in Norwegian outdoor life

Do you know CANYONING, Norway’s nature lovers and active adventurous?

This is a phenomenon that many of you could love, but unfortunately we think, according to our professional experience since 2017, that it is still unknown.

For canyoning Norway is a paradise!


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What is canyoning about?

Canyoning in Norway - adventure in Norway

Stunning adventure in clear water

You descend mysterious ravines and steep canyons, which have been formed by small rivers or streams.

Canyoning in Norway with Dagali Fjellpark

Thrilling experience

You abseil waterfalls. Some of them can be high or low, they can be steep or with gradual descent.

Unique fun in nature

It is so amazing to feel, to touch the smooth, hard stone and slide on it!

Canyoning in Norway Hardangervidda / Summer Adventure In Norway

Fascinating energy

You can try your highest jump!

Which factors are important?

Consistent safety

Read the safety rules and routines before you buy your trip. Safety is absolutely the most important factor.

The best equipment

Neoprene suits protect you well, if they are good, so the trip can really become an amazing experience for lifetime.

Where can you do canyoning in Norway?

"You can try canyoning in Norway at Dagali Fjellpark."