FAMILY RAFTING -Rafting with kids!

Having an adventure on the river is one of the best things you can do with your kids in Geilo this summer. What better way to break free from the TV and video games for a weekend than by participating in a true, fun-filled family experience?

Who Can go rafting? 

Just about everyone in the family who is able to swim can enjoy a river trip. River rafting is not reserved for adult adrenaline junkies. Guests often ask about appropriate ages for whitewater rafting trips. The minimum requirement is 8 years or height 115cm. No prior paddling or rafting experience is required as we have professionals in raft guides steering each raft. Our trips are not like a pool water slide, your effort and cooperation are needed. Knowing your kids’ abilities, like a good swimmer, love to have an adventure, don’t get easy to panic are the main things that you should know before joining river rafting.

Rafting in Norway


What to bring?

If you are joining a rafting trip, you have a shorter list of “to bring” items.

Important! You will need a towel. It is also necessary to bring a swimming suit that you will wear under the wetsuit/neoprene. We recommend thermal/woolen underwear and socks for colder days.  Avoid all cotton items, as cotton gets cold when wet…



Rafting with kids is OK, only with good equipment. Just like you’re receiving a proper life jacket, helmet, neoprene suits and shoes, your kid will get one too.

Before setting off, your guide will make sure that your helmet and personal flotation device are properly secured. Our most important consideration for rafting with kids is safety.


What about paddles?

We give paddles for children as well as they can be active partners on the family rafting tour as well. They can paddle if they want, or they can just sit in the boat and enjoy the scenery.


In-Raft Guide is not a babysitter

We train our guides not only to steer you effectively, efficiently, and safely down the river but to also maximize your fun. Our guides are out to give you a personable, fun, and safe experience.

Because this part of the river is nice and wide with lots of calm sections, your guide has some leeway to make the trip a bit more bouncy or a bit less splashy according to everyone’s wishes.

One of your most important parenting duties will be making sure that your kids are paying attention to the guides and following their instructions.

So what are you waiting for? Book your rafting adventure now!