Dagali Campsite Geilo - Hallandtunet Camping

Campsite Geilo / Hol / Uvdal / Viken / Hardangervidda

Welcome to Hallandtunet Camping, Dagali near Geilo. The campsite is on the sunny side of the Seterdalen valley, nice and cozy in the forest. Hallandtunet Camping is available for tents, caravans and motorhomes. The capacity is 40 pitches, 12 pitches with electric supply. There are also 2 cabins to rent. It is a pleasant place for all of you who are looking for a campsite near Geilo.

Hallandtunet Camping in Dagali offers a campsite close to two national parks, Hardangervidda National Park and Hallingskarvet National Park, both great for mountain hiking tours in easy terrain.

3 km away at Dagali Fjellpark, just over the river,  you will experience the best outdoor adventures in Norway.

Dagali Campsite Geilo Hallandtunet I Dagali Camping Geilo Norge
Dagali Campsite Geilo Hallandtunet I Dagali Camping Geilo Norge
Hallandtunet utleuehytter Dagali

Welcome in the foothills of Hardangervidda


Hallandtunet, Bygdeveien 83, 3588 Dagali

5 minutes by car

A short way from accommodation to Dagali Fjellpark adventures

Dogs are welcomed

A great place for you if you travel with your pet


Enjoy your vacation in nature, but still on-line

Camping & Adventure

Price / night
200 NOK
Caravan + car
200 NOK
Tent + car
200 NOK
Tent + motorbike
130 NOK
Tent, alone
80 NOK
Electric supply
70 NOK
25 NOK
Child, 4-12 years
20 NOK


Tents, caravans, motorhomes


There are also 2 cabins to rent.


The best outdoor adventures 5 minutes by car


What is included in the price?



Service building

Find all you need at the service building

Experience the true Norwegian activities

Authentic historical collection

The local historical private collection Hallandtunet is the Halland family’s own private collection of old houses and objects. Hallandtunet today constitutes of the collection of 15 houses, the oldest one from about 1750. 

Hallandtunet museum

Save on accommodation & Invest in adventure

Hallandtunet Camping, Dagali - in the heart of Norway

Dagali campsite Hallandtunet is situated by the foot of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Here you can experience the real Norway.


Visit Hardangervidda national park, Hallingskarvet national park or Hardangerjøkulen


Visit Uvdal Stave Church, Dagali museum or Hallingdal Museum

Or book your adventure vacation in Norway here