Company trips in Norway - Active Outdoor

Dagali Fjellpark is a perfect BASE for all types of groups, who want an active and exciting event all year round.

Hidden in nature just a few steps to the Hardangervidda, Dagali Fjellpark offers a pleasant and PRIVATE nature experience, accommodation and adrenaline outdoor activities.

The Best Rafting in Norway

Invite your colleagues and friends of your company to rafting river Nr. 1 in Norway - Numedalslågen. Dagali Fjellpark is honored and proud to take you to the river we call HOME.

The best rafting is in June - there are the biggest waves, you can raft the longest sections. 

We offer FULL ON and CLASSIC rafting:

  • professional guides with experiences from Nepal and the Himalayas
  • NEW rafting equipment - rafts, new wetsuits 
  • length is always adapted to the water level and rapids, but usually is rafting about 8 km
  • vertical difficulty: beginner - advanced
  • activity takes 2,5 - 3 hours
  • complete service - accommodation, food and drinks, transport and other activities.

We offer both CLASSIC rafting, which is for most people,

and FULL ON rafting - Norway's most challenging rafting trip!

Canyoning - the real ALPINE EXPERIENCE

There are only 2 places in Norway, where you can experience a real ALPINE canyoning, and NOW you have found ONE of them. Be the one who has ordered a truly adrenaline experience that your colleagues will remember for a LIFETIME.

We offer both FULL ON and CLASSIC canyoning:

  • incline: 180 m / 145 m
  • length: 1500 m / 1200 m
  • vertical difficulty: advanced / beginner
  • descent time: 6 / 5 hours
  • nearly vertical bedrock slides that drop straight into huge water carved pools
  • abseiling down several 20-40 meter vertical waterfalls!

Canyoning with Dagali Fjellpark offers

ALL ELEMENTS of the real ALPINE experience.

Accommodation in Wilderness


  • capacity 26 persons
  • CONFERENCE facilities
  • the apartment is large, light, clean and practical
  • 5 bedrooms, a living room
  • the kitchen is fully equipped
  • parking in the immediate vicinity
  • the is a cafeteria in the same building
  • a sun terrace with barbecue
  • sauna and hot baths.


  • there are 4 small lavvos - capacity 6 persons each, they have beds, wooden floor, and there is electricity
  • there is a big main lavvo also, a large wooden tent with wooden floor and a fireplace in the middle
  • suitable especially for the summer
  • toilets and showers are located in the main building (80 meters)
  • parking in the immediate vicinity Company trips in Norway
  • there is a cafeteria next to the LAVVO camp
  • sauna and hot baths.

Meetings, conferences

We can arrange everything you need to have a slightly different party, a small meeting or a small conference. Capacity is around 30 guests.

There is a projector, screen and sound system. You can RENT PRIVATE both the restaurant and the apartment.


  • RESTAURANT (cafe), food and beverages
  • transport
  • rental (winter and summer equipment)
  • a large parking
  • sauna and hoth baths
  • campfire place.

Overview of our Covid-19 measures

We create a safe zone with visitor registration and the infection tracking tool SafeSpot®:

  • quick and easy registration for visitors
  • security and privacy in accordance with current guidelines.

The longest Sled Run with a ski lift in Norway

Escape to runs with pristine slopes and epic views, and unleash your inner child in Dagali Fjellpark. Rent a sled and try the longest sled run with a ski lift in the whole of Norway!

It is an excellent playground especially for ADULTS, it is not suitable for children under 10.

With the right snow conditions, our custom-built sled can reach a SPEED of 70 km/h as you whizz down the track. But do not worry! Your safety is our highest priority. 

It is possible to RENT the SLED RUN PRIVATE only for your group.

We also arrange NIGHT SLEDDING with headlights.

Snowkiting in a Snowkiter's Paradise

Hardangervidda, Geilo, Dagali

Explore the endless possibilities and ultimate FREEDOM of snowkiting in Norway!

We offer 3 types of Snowkite Lessons in Geilo surroundings:

  • Snowkite intro - 6 hours within 1 day
  • Becoming a snowkiter - 12 hours within 2 days
  • Explore the limits - 36 hours within 6 days

The snowkite lessons are provided under the supervision of experienced arctic explorers from the company Upwind, who are coming to the area since 2010 and know it like home backyard. They will recommend you the best spots for the day and your skills.

We offer snowkiting lessons for the general public. No matter your previous experience, we will teach you all it takes so you can become an independent snowkiter!

All you need to have is a moderate ski or snowboard riding skill, we will teach you the rest. We will also provide you with the necessary equipment.

We teach in English and we will try to adapt every lesson to your needs.

A perfect teambuilding in the winter?

Kiting, sledding and nice evening ... the team is formed by itself!

Company trips in Norway both SUMMER and WINTER

Dagali Fjellpark is a great PARTNER for your company trip in Norway:

  • a wide range of SUMMER and WINTER outdoor adventures and adrenaline experiences
  • TRANSPORTATION of your group
  • practical ACCOMMODATION
  • conference facilities
  • food and drinks
  • rental and service.

Our professional instructors will be at your disposal, taking care of you.

Whether you’re seeking team development with outdoor adventure or simply a great day out to reward your staff, our active days in the beautiful Norwegian nature will inspire all individuals.

Book your very own group adventure days with Dagali Fjellpark.

(+47) 90622675

Dagali Fjellpark
Perstulvegen 100
3588 Dagali

Tip four your company trips: CANYONING and RAFTING

Canyoning and rafting has been an attractive summer activity for many years of good reason. It is an adventure everyone can join in. It is a good way to create long-term cohesion of a group.

It is an incredibly exciting and fun way to get associates and friends into an environment where they can collaborate and grow in new ways. It is one of the most natural ways to make good team building.

It’s fun, educational and it makes individuals more confident. It is also a wonderful and safe way to play in the wilderness setting.

You can COMBINE all our activities to make the perfect team building.