Food & Drink available at Dagali Fjellpark Café

We have a kiosk and cafe open all summer and winter season offering snacks including pizza, baguettes, hot dogs, burgers, waffles and drinks including coffee, tea, and soft drinks.

Food is included in some tours and it is stated in the information for each tour.


We have professional kitchen facilities, and we cater all meals to large and smaller groups. We serve solid, high-quality food meeting our guests’ requests and expectations, local traditional food as well as international cuisine.

During this Winter season, the kitchen will be offering a diversified selection of snacks and quick meals as well as hot drinks and beverages to nourish you throughout your Dagali Fjellpark experience. Our menu will be largely consisting of homemade goods like soups, sandwiches, pizzas, cakes and waffles, among other things as you can heed below. Equipped with a professional kitchen among our facilities we gladly offer the possibility of serving high-quality meals to differently sized groups upon reservation – adapting easily to any personal or special request outside our suggestions.

This season our kitchen will be taken care of by Alex and Lissa, a couple with a great passion for healthy & sustainable cuisine with international experience from Portugal, France, Iceland, Brazil and Eastern Europe. Regarding their creative touch influenced by worldwide gastronomy expect no less than a tasty pleasant & colorful surprise.