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Hallandtunet - Dagali

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Welcome to Hallandtunet, a beautiful quiet place in Dagali near Geilo, where the spirit of Norway breathes on you from the windows of old Norwegian wooden houses with grass on the roof.

The path between the local historical buildings leads you to a nice campsite and two modern cabin rentals, which are fully equipped and open all year round.

At Hallandtunet you will find well-equipped cabins with everything you need for a pleasant holiday in the mountains.

Utleiehytter Hallandtunet
Utleiehytter Hallandtunet

Welcome in Dagali


Hallandtunet, Bygdeveien 83, 3588 Dagali

3 km

Hallandtunet - Dagali Fjellpark

45 minutes walk

Walk along the river, over the bridge and up to Dagali Fjellpark

5 minutes by car

A short way from accommodation to your adventure

Price of the cabin rentals

1 night (Fri./Sat. or Sat./Sun.)
2 nights (Fri./Sun.)
Cabin 1
1400 NOK
2650 NOK
Cabin 2
1700 NOK
3300 NOK

Special season price

Christmas / New Year: + 100 NOK per night. Easter:  + 300 NOK per night

Sunday - Friday
Week price
1 night2 nights3 nights4 nights5 nights6 nights7 nights
Cabin 1 1000 NOK1850 NOK2700 NOK3550 NOK4400 NOK5250 NOK5900 NOK
Cabin 2 1200 NOK2200 NOK3200 NOK4200 NOK5200 NOK6100 NOK7000 NOK

Dogs are welcomed

Price: 50 NOK per night / dog. The owner of the dog is responsible for the cottage cleaning (vacuuming) before the departure.


Clean the cabin before the departure yourself (no fee) or order the cleaning: 900 NOK

Towels and bed linen

Take it with you, or order at Hallandtunet. Bed sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover: 140 NOK per person. Large towel: 40 NOK

Check in/out

Check-in is after 15:00, check-out is before 10:00.


How are the cabins equipped?


Toilets & Showers

Equipped kitchen


Capacity up to 6 - 7 people

You rent the whole cabin: a bedroom with double bed, a living room and a kitchen, and a large loft with 4 beds. There is a sofa for one extra person in the cabin.

Year-round accommodation

You can rent the cabins in Dagali throughout the whole year.

Bed linen & Towels

Towels and bed linen (bed sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers) can you take your own, or you can rent it at Hallandtunet for a fee.

Cabin rental 1

59 ㎡
Cabin rentals Hallandtunet Dagali

Cabin rental 2

65 ㎡
Cabin rentals Hallandtunet Dagali

Cabin rental 1

59 ㎡
Cabin rentals Hallandtunet Dagali

Cabin rental 2

65 ㎡
Cabin rentals Hallandtunet Dagali

Find all you need in the kitchen

Authentic historical collection

The local historical private collection Hallandtunet is the Halland family’s own private collection of old houses and objects. Hallandtunet today constitutes of the collection of 15 houses, the oldest one from about 1750. 

Nature museum


Hallandtunet museum

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