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Dagali Fjellpark


Minimum age 14 years.

1.100 NOK

Extreme FULL ON canyoning

Minimum age 18 years. For special sports groups, the age limit is set up to 15 years.

1.300 NOK

Get a better price for groups

We have prepared special prices for groups (more than 10 persons). Contact us.

Included in price: equipment, guide & safety talk, lunch and transport to the canyon.

Opening hours 2022

What to bring?

Towel, shower gel, swimming suit to have under the neoprene, thermal/woolen underwear (both leggings and T-shirt) and thermal/woolen socks.

Where to meet?

Dagali Fjellpark, Perstulvegen 100, 3588 Dagali, Norway

When to come?

Come 15 minutes before the start of the trip.

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Canyoning Booking

  • Skriv din e-postadresse korrekt, du får en bekreftelse på juving på denne adressen. / Write your e-mail address correctly, you will receive a confirmation of canyoning at this address.
  • Kom 15 minutter før. / Come 15 minutes before.
  • Krav for juving: 14 år. / The minimum age limit: 14 years.
  • Krav for FULL ON juving: 18 år. / The minimum age limit for FULL ON canyoning: 18 years.
  • Etter juving får dere lunsj - har noen av dere en matintoleranse? / You get lunch after canyoning - do any of you have a food intolerance?
    Dagali Fjellpark skal bruke dine persondata bare for å kontakte deg eventuelt i forbindelse med å arrangere juving, som du har bestilt. / Dagali Fjellpark will use your personal data only to contact you if necessarily, in context with arranging canyoning, which you have ordered.