Snowkiting Hardangervidda

Professional group lessons for your best personal improvement

Control the wind!

Use the kite power to glide on snow regardless of the wind direction! Once you have handled the snowkite, you have controlled the wild wind!

Learn the safe snowkiting

Get an instructor who gives you the freedom you need, and teaches you the basics and the safety rules patiently.

At the best place in Norway

The Hardangervidda mountain plateau offers huge wilderness areas and stable wind conditions throughout the entire winter!

Using the top equipment

Try different types of kites before you decide to buy your own snowkiting equipment. Find the best kite for you.

Snowkiting Hardangervidda

Snowkiting at the best place in Norway

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Why to go snowkiting with us?

Qualified instructors

The UpWind team is guaranteed by Jan Simek, the long distance kiting VAKE 2019 world champion (2019) and the winner of 7. place on Red Bull Ragnarok (ski, 2017).

Helmet with intercom

No need to push a button, just talk!

Latest models of kites

Both inflatable kites and foil kites.

The best conditions for that day

We guide you to the best spot for that day.

Heated multivan

Warm up in our adventure multivan!

Ski & Snowboard

Choose from skis or snowboard.

Escort the sky!

Snowkite Hardangervidda

Or do you prefer staying grounded?

Try the longest groomed sled run with a ski lift in Norway

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