Fagerheim Snowkite Camp Norway

+Kite course = Accommodation + Half-board + Transfers + Equipment rental + Kite course

Kite out of your door

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No cars needed

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Your snowkiting lessons

Do you really want to learn snowkiting? Then the focus needs to be on:

Snowkite Hardangervidda Geilo
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Snowkite Hardangervidda Dagali Fjellpark. Hardangervidda Snowkiting Group Lessons Norway

1 day = 4 - 6 hours

Depending on what do you wish and how you are trained.

Focus on you

This is a snowkite course with only up to 4 students per instructor.

Beginners - safety first

We always try to give you your own kite as soon as possible, based on your safety, the weather (wind strength, visibility, etc.) and the character of the group. Start 4 students sharing 1 kite, end each with your own.

Advanced - the kite is only yours

When you can safely control the kite, you get your own one. Then there is 1 instructor per 4 snowkiters and 4 kites. Do you want to learn snowkiting? Then you need to have the possibility to train!

Small groups

Snowkiting is about the ultimate freedom in endless space! We organize lessons only for small groups, maximum of 3 instructors and 12 snowkiters.

You are really going to kite!

We always guarantee maximum number of 4 snowkiters per 1 instructor

Place with one of the best conditions for snowkiting in the world

Enjoy snowkiting in the middle of Hardangervidda

Kiting Norway / Hardangervidda / Haugastøl / Ustaoset / Orteren / Dyranut / Fagerheim / Laegrid / Halne / Skulevika / Skiftesjoen

Fagerheim - accommodation for snowkiters

Huge ridable area, stable wind and really looong winter season. Giant lakes, gradual hills, lots of snow. No trees or wires wide far. Just whistling wind, you … and kite!

Fagerheim is kind of a strategic location. Being located by the main road at the Hardangervidda plateau, you can kite right in front of your door or reach any spot on the plateau within 15-minute drive. If you are looking for a beginner conditions and flat area or advanced terrains with steep hills and valleys of powder, both are just a stone’s throw from our base.