Extreme rafting Norway - FULL ON!

Experience world-class extreme rafting in the heart of Norway

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~ 8 km rafting

hot shower


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~ 8 km rafting

hot shower

lunch included

photos to purchase

About the trip

Where to meet?

Dagali Fjellpark, Perstulvegen 100, Dagali

Take with you

A big towel, shower gel, swimming suit to have under the neoprene. If you want to feel extra warm, take also thermal/woolen underwear (both leggings and T-shirt) and thermal/woolen socks.

River superheroes

Only for true adventurers! You will train everything before rafting.

Safety first!

By the most difficult rapids, you can change your mind. The choice is yours!

Nothing is impossible

Even a wild river can be safely rafted with the best equipment and experienced local guides.

World-class adventure

Little Zambezi, 3-m high waves, the Ismarfoss Rapid. The best extreme rafting!

Intense action

White water rafting Class 4+ / 5

Medium - large waves, large volume, possibility of large rocks and hazards, maybe a considerable drop, requires precise maneuvering.

For true adrenaline seekers

This can be the most extreme rafting in Europe, with many technical sections. After a little training, you jump right into rapid rafting.

Full mastery of rafting

White water river Class 5 needs full mastery of rafting.

Man over board!

Under extreme rafting, we expect to go under water. You train everything. Everyone knows how to swim in the river, in which direction to swim, how to grab the rope when you are being rescued and much more.

Book FULL ON rafting in Dagali

(+47) 906 22 675

Our booking phone is available from 9:00 to 17:00.

About the purchase

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancel 3 days or more before appointment – it is refunded 100%.
  • Cancel less than 3 days before the appointment – it is refunded 0%.

If you can’t come, someone else can take over your order.

In all these cases:

  • cancellation of the trips due to hazardous weather conditions,
  • technical problems, which are caused at Dagali Fjellpark,
  • force majeure,

you can:

Your heart races, your blood rushes, a chill runs down your spine?

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