Canyoning in Nesbyen

Welcome to the discovery canyoning trip along the mystical river in Nesbyen!

Experience the brand new activity in Nesbyen! Trips start near Hallingdal Museum in Nesbyen (60.565084, 9.092203).

1,25 km downward in a mountain stream

83 m descent in an adventure terrain

get pictures from the tour for free

1,25 km downward in a mountain stream

83 m descent in an adventure terrain

get pictures from the tour for free

Anne-Mette R
Sexy ass gorillas
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Great place. Highly recommended. Cool guides and an experience of a lifetime! Rajip Tripathi is a guide over all guides here!
Well organized
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Very good experience, both rafting and canyoning was fun. Fantastic guides, amazing nature. Felt safe and well organized.
Thomas N
Our first time doing canyoning
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Had an awesome day with skilled guides and we were especially lucky with the weather. This were our first time doing canyoning (Juving) and we felt comfortable doing rappelling, sliding and jumping down the canyon... Although it tests your comfort level as it’s supposed to do. Thanks for a great adventure!
Monica S
Fantastic memories
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Rafting and Canoying - Thank you very much for fantastic experiences and memories of skilled instructors at Dagali Fjellpark. We felt safe and taken care of, and were challenged at our level both in canoying and rafting. We are very happy and cheer on all the skilled instructors at Dagali Fjellpark!!!
Anita M
Insanely fun with canyoning
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Insanely fun with canyoning! Skilled and friendly instructors made the day perfect. We jumped in waterfalls and sailed on rocks. Recommended!
Renate W
Top service from the guides
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Incredibly fun experience. Canyoning is recommended! Ordered full on canyoning and was only me and cohabitant with two guides until we met the rest of the entourage further down. Incredibly fun experience and top service from the guides! Can be highly recommended. Had ordered lavvo to sleep over in, cozy lavvo and definitely a pleasant experience. Good home-cooked food and very nice staff who do the little extra to make you feel comfortable. We will be happy to return.
Next time it will be FULL ON!
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I participated in canyoning (classic) on July 6 2021, and it was a great experience! Thanks to our good and nice guide, it was a safe journey down the river. Will be happy to return - next time it will be FULL ON! Participated in rafting last year, and it was also great. And delicious with lunch included.

Book canyoning in Nesbyen

(+47) 906 22 675

Our booking phone is available from 9:00 to 17:00.

About the trip

Where to meet?

Near Hallingdal Museum in Nesbyen

Take with you

A big towel, swimming suit to have under the neoprene. If you want to feel extra warm, take also thermal/woolen underwear (both leggings and T-shirt) and thermal/woolen socks.

Who is canyoning for?

Canyoning in Nesbyen I juving i Nesbyen
Canyoning in Nesbyen I juving i Nesbyen
Canyoning in Nesbyen I juving i Nesbyen

Water lovers

You will be in the water a lot!

Adventure hunters over 14 years old

Canyoning in Norway is a challenge! It is a physically demanding outdoor activity.

Recreational athletes

The canyoning tours are not for pregnant women, people influenced by alcohol or other drugs, or those who have heart / lung / back / neck problems, or other serious injuries or disorders.

Weight up to 120 kg

The load capacity of the harnesses is designed for people with weigh up to 120 kg.

Your safety has the top priority

Safety talk

You get an easy-to-follow safety talk before you go canyoning.

We will help you

Our experienced guides will help you.

Quality equipment

Quality equipment will keep you warm and safe.

We follow strict safety routines!

Our guides are trained to guide you safely through the canyon.

About the purchase

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancel 7 days or more before appointment – it is refunded 100%.
  • Cancel less than 7 days before the appointment – it is refunded 0%.

If you can’t come, someone else can take over your order.

In all these cases:

  • cancellation of the trips due to hazardous weather conditions,
  • technical problems, which are caused at Dagali Fjellpark,
  • force majeure,

you can:

Do you have younger children?

Try family rafting, our best fun outdoor adventure!