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These 10 thrilling jumps announce the end of the summer season

Dagali Fjellpark

With these 10 dramatic jumps in icy water, the boys and girls gradually close the summer season at Dagali Fjellpark. The last canyoning trips will be on 24. and 25.9.2021. You can book them here.

Thank you for all the great trips in the canyon and on the river. It is amazing to see you enjoying your exciting adventure in Norwegian nature. Many of you have really had a great time with our guides.

We are very pleased that you are coming back to us. We look forward to see you again!

Are you looking for some great fun on snow?

Lift-based sledding - action on the toboggan run

Effortless because of the lift

The ski lift will pull you up! No hard work, just exciting fun.

Whiz 1,850 m down!

This could be your best winter action and adventure in Norway.

Feel the super speed

Enjoy our custom-built sled. Reach a speed up to 70 km/h!

Rent all you need

Local rental has it - sled, helmet and goggles. Rental is included in the price.

The longest groomed sled run with a lift in Norway


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