Accommodation in Lavvo at Dagali Fjellpark - LAVVO CAMP


  • Capacity for sleeping: 15 + 24 persons
  • Address: Perstulvegen 100, 3588 Dagali
Best for: stag parties, team building activities, corporate events, scouts, schools and active families.


The lavvo camp is located behind the main Dagali Fjellpark building in the forest.

You can have:

  • 4 small "sleeping" lavvos
  • 1 big "sleeping" lavvo
  • 1 big "grilling" lavvo.

The small lavvos

These 4 small wooden tents, capacity 6 persons each, have:

  • beds
  • wooden floor
  • electricity and light.

Accommodation in lavvo is suitable for sleeping especially in summer.

The main "sleeping" lavvo

This large wooden tent has got:

  • a wooden floor
  • a fireplace in the middle
  • electricity and light.

Accommodation in lavvo is also suitable for sleeping or as a common room. Capacity for sleeping is 15, maximum 20 persons.

The big "grilling" lavvo

This big wooden tent has got:

  • small stones on the ground
  • a fireplace in the middle
  • electricity and light.

It is suitable for grilling. Capacity for grilling is 30 persons.


You can bring your own food.

There is also a possibility of catering from our restaurant near to the lavvo camp. It offers catering for all the Dagali Fjellpark guests.


Toilets and showers are located in the main building (80 meters fro the lavvo camp). Guests can order the sauna and hot baths.

Dagali Fjellpark
Perstulvegen 100
3588 Dagali

(+47) 90622675

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Price NOK 250, - per night per person, including wash-out.
Please contact for prices for smaller groups.


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Accommodation in Lavvo - it is an adventure!

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