The best outdoor adventure center in Norway

The best outdoor adventure center in Norway

Dagali Fjellpark

The ski center and the sled run are closed due to lack of snow. We hope to see you on February 4, 2022.

Lift-based sledding

Action on the toboggan run - 1,85 km down at speed up to 70 km/h!

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Ski center

Choose from 5 slopes suitable for beginners and slightly advanced.

Snowkiter's paradise

Explore the endless possibilities and ultimate freedom of snowkiting.

Night sledding

Unusual action "Après-ski" with headlights!

Adrenaline guaranteed at Dagali Fjellpark!

World-class rafting

Your best rafting experiences in Norwegian wilderness.


Rappelling and sliding in pools, rapids and river gorges.

Kayak school

Learn kayaking Step-by-Step from the master - the river.

Outdoor trips

Into the wild! Your adventure in the gorgeous mountains around Dagali.

Become an insider in the hidden heart of Norwegian nature


Apartment, Lavvo, Camping


Hot tub, Sauna, Grill, Party lavvo

Meals for groups

Bring own food or order in advance.

Dagali Fjellpark Café

Perfect place for your getaways

School trips


Bachelor parties 


Family celebrations

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Professional outdoor adventure center

Choose some of the most thrilling summer and winter outdoor adventures in Norway at Dagali Fjellpark.


World-class rafting, amazing canyoning, kayak school. Sledge run, snowkiting, ski center, cross-country paradise.

Economical accommodation

Big group or small family? No matter! Holiday Apartment, Cozy Lavvo and Lavvo camp offer stay for everyone.

Cozy facilities

You can relax in the hot tub and sauna or arrange a grill party with your friends at Dagali Fjellpark.

25 km from Geilo

Explore the nature and wilderness by the foot of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau.

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