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18.04. 2018



Have you been asked to be a Best Man or a Maid of Honor? Why not choose an outdoor adventure that will never be forgotten! Bachelor party is an important event and it is crucial to spend it in fun and positive atmosphere.

We can arrange everything to make sure you give the groom-to-be or bride-to-be a great send-off. We are very experienced in arranging parties and customizing outdoor activity packages. We have great local knowledge of the surrounding areas, which allows us to arrange the perfect event for you. We provide also catering and accommodation. Our base camp has fascilities like hot tubs and sauna.


Consider a group whitewater rafting trip. For adventurous brides and grooms, a whitewater rafting trip can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate upcoming wedding ceremony. Our white water rafting experience has pretty much everything you could want; heart-pumping, adrenalin-fuelled action, it’s physically demanding and requires teamwork. Plus you have to make sure you get the groom/bride home in one piece.


1) Numedalslågen is a river with such a cool and spectacular rapids. Actually it is one of the best whitewtaer rafting rivers in Europe.

2) White water rafting, is an extreme sport which will increase the adrenaline in your blood.

3) It’s no secret that whitewater rafting demands that everyone work together. Whitewater rafting is a real team building activity with real consequences that is fun, physically and mentally challenging and requires a high degree of teamwork.

4) It gives you a chance to experience the scenic beauty of the area you can’t find every day.


If adrenaline, tension, entertainment and shooting is exactly what you are looking for, then we are the right place. We like to do things thoroughly and noteworthy, which is why your bachelor party will be exactly like that. Unexpected turns, cunning, strategies.

If there are people in the bachelor party who don’t know each other, activities such as shooting (laser tag) into their face can really break the ice.


During your time with us, you will become familiar with canyoning, discovering a hidden, unusual, breathtaking canyon. Crystal clear water offers a true experience of untouched nature. Once you reach the starting point, your guides will fit you with rappelling equipment and explain the proper way to descent down the waterfall. Once you are in there there is only one way out – DOWN! To live unforgettable moment between friends this activity is perfect for groups or a bachelor party.

Juving i Norge, Uvdal, Dagali, Geilo

To schedule a rafting,  canyoning  or kayakingtrip with accommodation and food for a bachelorparty, may be easier than it might seem. All you need to do is call us or send us an email and inform us about the number of people you plan to take with you.

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